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Outdoor Canvas Artwork | Weather-proof Canvas Wall Art

Transform your outdoor space into an urban oasis with UV protected canvas artwork from Hooks and Lattice. Outdoor wall hangings and home decor are often forgotten in the design process, and what better than outdoor canvas prints to really make the space your own? Shop waterproof art online and consider the benefits of outdoor décor that sets a mood and feel that reflects your personality. Motifs include: vineyard, travel destinations, sunset and sunrise, nature, horses, Western, seasonal and even underwater!

All images are processed using the Giclee printing technique to digitally reproduce artists' original artwork. This technology means that you're getting the most colorful, vibrant images available on the market today. With an attractive 2 year warranty and no concerns about water damage or fading, there's no reason to delay your outdoor oasis one more minute!

Questions about All-Weather Wall Hangings? Call:
7am - 5pm PST, M-F

Flower Cart and Pots - Canvas Artwork
Sunset Boat A Shore - Canvas Artwork
Mighty Tree - Canvas Artwork
Footprints in the Sand Kanai - Canvas Artwork
Fall Foliage Aspen Trees - Canvas Artwork
Cascading Waterfalls, Autumn Leaves - Canvas Artwork
Country Bike - Canvas Artwork
American Flag in Flower Field - Canvas Artwork
Flowering Dogwood Branches - Canvas Artwork
Perching Pelican - Canvas Artwork
Saddle Up Cowboy - Canvas Artwork
Oak Tree Tunnel Road - Canvas Artwork
Old Italian Vinyard - Canvas Artwork
Oats on the East Coast Beach - Canvas Artwork
Autumn Country Mill on the River - Canvas Artwork
Eiffel Tower Vintage - Canvas Artwork
Gondola Ride Down the Canal - Canvas Artwork
Tropical Blue Paradise - Canvas Artwork
Swimming Sea Turtle - Canvas Artwork
Hummingbird and Bird of Paradise - Canvas Artwork
Wild Horses in Water - Canvas Artwork
Purple Lavender Fields - Canvas Artwork
Yellow Sunflowers Closeup - Canvas Artwork
Boats on Shore - Canvas Artwork
Oceanfront Palm Tree Silhouette at Sunset - Canvas Artwork
School of Tropical Fish - Canvas Artwork
Wagon Wheels - Canvas Artwork
Overgrown Southern Garden Path - Canvas Artwork
Fall Colors Winding Pathway - Canvas Artwork
Barn Surrounded by Wheat Fields - Canvas Artwork
Colorful Fallen Leaves - Canvas Artwork
Tropical Butterfly Pollination - Canvas Artwork
Cardinal in Winter Berries - Canvas Artwork
Bald Eagles, Companions - Canvas Artwork
Bald Eagle Fishing - Canvas Artwork
Robin Angel in Winter - Canvas Artwork
Owls in Camouflage - Canvas Artwork
Get Local Country Rooster - Canvas Artwork
Home Grown Tomatoes - Canvas Artwork
Fresh Seafood Today, Crab and Lemons - Canvas Artwork
Hummingbird Feeding on Flowers - Canvas Artwork
Feeding Waxwing Bird - Canvas Artwork
Flock of Ducks - Canvas Artwork
Palomino Horse at Sunrise - Canvas Artwork
Colorful Flowers and Butterfly - Canvas Artwork
Wine Celler - Canvas Artwork
White Wine Grapes - Canvas Artwork
Old World Wine Cellar - Canvas Artwork
Colorful Clay Pots on Stairs - Canvas Artwork
Mirrored Butterflies - Canvas Artwork
Azure Butterfly - Canvas Artwork
Vineyard Sunrise - Canvas Artwork
Country Winding Rivers - Canvas Artwork
Horse Saddling - Canvas Artwork
Watering at Sunset Horses - Canvas Artwork
Forest of Aspen Trees - Canvas Artwork
Sun Peeking Through Aspens - Canvas Artwork

For a unique way to decorate your exterior walls, look to UV-protected, all-weather canvas prints that are ready to hang with the help of our handy guide for hanger placement (included). Southern states fawn over our countryside landscapes and our Northern regions love to transport themselves to a tropical paradise year-round with our sunset art. For the wine aficionados out there, check out our vintage and vineyard themed pieces to adorn the cellar walls as you sip that special pinot you've been saving. You can cowboy up with westerns, horses and equestrian images - or, find that perfect piece for the fence next to the BBQ.

Canvases are stretched tight over a reinforced 1-1/2" vinyl stretcher bars and then tested by 2 labs for corrosion, fading and framework durability. The heavy duty frame, unlike wooden frames, is impervious to humidity and temperature fluctuation so there's no worries about warping or twisting after your focal piece is complete. Only products that pass with exceptional ratings are sold. Patio art is guaranteed for 2 years under manufacturer's warranty, plus it even stands up to 60-mph winds!

Includes mounting template for easy installation.