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Cast Stone Planters

We provide a broad range of precast stone planters in sizes that are bound to meet your design specifications. If you don't see the exact size planter you want, we are always happy to create custom sizes. Our cement planters are hand made and hand finished by skilled artisans with years of practice in the industry. Our Cast Stone planters are as flawless as they are versatile. Made from Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC), these lovely planters shine above their traditional stone counterparts.

At 1/4 the weight of typical stone planters, cast stone planters are easier to transport and install. They have a greater flexural strength than standard concrete, making them ideal for high traffic areas. Don't forget these are available to you at a fraction of the cost! The uses for these large outdoor planters are boundless. Depending on the size you select, they can be used to partition off spaces in large areas, define property boundaries, direct foot traffic, create privacy, and conceal unwanted views.

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Cast Stone Planters By Collection
Rectangular Cast Stone Planters
Square Cast Stone Planters
Round Cast Stone Planters
Urns and Bowl Shaped Cast Stone Planters
Modern Cast Stone Planters with Forklift Knockouts

Innovative, Lightweight Cement Planters (GFRC)

All of our precast planters are made using a revolutionary material called Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete. Each size of planter has a specific mold that we use in the manufacturing process. In the casting process, chopped fiberglass strands are mixed with concrete and poured into the molds to produce a flawless finished look every time. Unlike traditionally cast stone, unsightly bubbles and blemishes aren't a problem here. And because this material employs lightweight and flexible fiberglass, these planters weigh only a quarter of precast concrete. These planters weigh only 2/3 more than fiberglass products, but have the added benefit of true stone properties.

Precast Stone Planters that Won't Fail

GFRC containers have a number of benefits over stone-only planters when it comes to durability. Because of their fiberglass content they have a greater flexural strength that isn't susceptible to the elements. While traditional concrete is vulnerable to moisture and temperature fluctuations, GFRC isn't affected. It will last for years our in the elements without cracking, crumbling, or warping. These also make an ideal choice for high traffic areas.

Large Outdoor Planters at a Price You Can Afford

Our planters are made by skilled artisans with dozens of years of experience. Normally this level of labor would cost a ton, but because of our finely tuned manufacturing process and cost effective materials, we are able to offer our planters to you at affordable prices. You can employ our planters to adorn an entire city park or shopping mall without having to worry about breaking the bank. And since these planters last, you will have years worth of decorative and functional beauty for a one-time-only cost.

Multipurpose Concrete Planters

When filled with vibrant foliage, these planters are truly a sight to behold. You can order them finished in a variety of colors to match your design scheme. And even though they make a fine decorative element, these planters can also serve a number of purposes in commercial and municipal areas. Our large planters are a great way to add green spaces in urban environments, helping to beautiful the city and provide a resting place for tourists and locals. In street side businesses, our rectangular planters are a great way to partition off spaces and create property boundaries. In parks they are a helpful means of directing foot traffic. Peruse our collection to see what our custom concrete planter boxes can do for you!