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Cast Stone Planters By Collection

Cast Stone Planters are an elite choice of designers, architects and other professionals planning elegant commercial settings. Real stone or concrete planters can be unachievable with many budgets and are too heavy. Shop our unique collection of fiberglass concrete planters for sale online, or call to discuss your project. Unlike solid cement, these large cast stone planters stand up to the test of time. They make wonderful additions to resorts, casinos and other upscale venues.

Our collections of large outdoor planters comes in a variety of styles and shapes to accommodate virtually any setting or décor. Choose from rectangular, square stone pots, urns or large round planters. Each comes in a selection of six stunning texturized colors to effortlessly match existing elements.

Because cast stone planters are reinforced with fiberglass, they are much more durable than conventional stone, concrete or cement. However, since they also contain real concrete, they're harder to steal for businesses who find theft to be a concern.

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Modern Cast Stone Planter Collection
Surface Square Cast Stone Planters
Horus Round Cast Stone Planters
Stella Round Cast Stone Planters
Cyclo Round Cast Stone Planters
Geo Round Cast Stone Planters
Neptune Round Cast Stone Planters
Avalon Bowl Cast Stone Planters
Kahn Cast Stone Planters
Bordeaux Cast Stone Planters
Pompeii Cast Stone Planters
Lynx Cast Stone Planters
Easton Round Cast Stone Planters
Conrad Cast Stone Planters
Lyon Cast Stone Planters
Duke Round Cast Stone Planters
Aria Round Cast Stone Planters
Brio Round Cast Stone Planters
Rhodes Urn Cast Stone Planter
Dante Urn Cast Stone Planter 30in.D x 37in.H
Fleur Urn Cast Stone Planter 19in.D x 20in.H
Greco Bowl Cast Stone Planters
Athens Bowl Cast Stone Planters
Delphi Urn Cast Stone Planters
Roma Bowl Cast Stone Planters
Pesta Cast Stone Low Bowl Planters
Tennor Cast Stone Low Bowl Planters
Valo Cast Stone Low Bowl Planters
Rokego Cast Stone Low Bowl Planters
Bolvo Cast Stone Low Bowl Planters

Stunning Cast Stone Planters By Collection

Commercial Cast Stone Planters contribute a sense of sophistication to a wide variety of environments. From concrete urns to large round stone pots, each collection offers a refinement that is unparalleled in beauty and versatility. Some of them present an old world look. Others add a more modern but rustic ambiance. Several collections of our concrete planters for sale convey a Greco-Roman ancient sensibility, either with pedestals or as a simple round bucolic appeal. Selections are generous both in size and shape, including round, square, and rectangular. They also include modern outdoor planters with straight edges or softly sculpted corners. With planter styles for so many diverse environments and design preferences, we are confident you will find something that reflects your own distinctive decor theme.

Large Stone Planters Handcrafted Using Modern Material Methods

In our GFRC and Fiberstone cast stone collections series, large stone planters are carefully handcrafted using a combination of conventional materials that additionally incorporate modern materials. For example, by mixing glass fibers with concrete, these cement planter pots display all the heft of concrete but at a fraction of its weight. This mixed medium recipe allows for incredible planter durability. Yet, it also makes them easier to move from one location to another. Yet, one of the best features the mixed media approaches achieves is that it minimizes or eliminates altogether chipping, crumbling, cracking and breaks as often occurs in concrete or cement-only planters.

Dozens of Cast Stone Planter Styles

Cast stone planters are perfectly poised for display in many upscale venues such as hotels, resorts, casinos, estate homes, and more. Our collection design diversity provides many styles to choose from that will complement a wide array of interior and exterior use. Choose from more modern styling such as the Modern, the Surface Square, the Horus, the Neptune, Kahn and Geo to old world designs such as the Dante Urn, Greco and Athens bowls, the Delphi or Fleur urns. Add trays for drainage. And each one can be manufactured with or without drainage holes, depending on preference and user needs. All cast stone planters are guaranteed to enhance any compatible design scheme. For sizes, finishes, colors and custom options, please give us a call at 888-320-0626.