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Cedar Board and Batten -15" Wide with 4 Boards and Cut-Out Design

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15"W x Height

Is the front of your house boring? Spruce up your home's fašade by adding our Cedar Board and Batten Shutters with Cut-Outs. Cedar is naturally resistant to rot and bug infestations, and over time it will age to a beautiful grey-blue color. Over time wood shutters do require refinishing, but many people prefer the rustic look only aged wood can create. Outdoor exterior shutters can be used for security and privacy but are most often purely decorative. For working shutters, you will need to purchase shutter hardware Click to Shop>> - hinges, pintels, and shutter dogs are the most popular choice for operable mounting.

Board & Batten Shutter Features:

  • A vast selection of sizes in increments of 0.25"
  • 40+ optional cut-out designs for a custom look
  • Your choice of three batten configurations
  • Handcrafted in the USA
  • Tongue & groove construction for durability
  • Unlimited customizations available

You can shop exterior shutters online or call us to alter the designs. Making your home stand out in the neighborhood can be taken to an even more personalized level - call us toll free for quotes on custom shutters and painting options: 1-800-896-0978.

Board and Batten Shutter info:
15" Wide, Sold by the Pair
Thickness: 1" and the Batten is +1"
Batten Height: 3.5"
Batten Width: Panel width - less .5"
Board Width: Grooves are cut approximately every 3"-4" (depending on shutter width and the amount of Boards you select)

Unless otherwise requested, shutter cutouts are placed on the top third of each shutter.

Call for details: 1-800-896-0978

View Our Shutter Cut Out Designs


pineapple cut out Sailboat cut out Fleur de Lis cut out Fleur de Lis cut out
Pineapple 191 Sailboat 364 Fleur de Lis 302 Fleur de Lis 431
Palm Tree Heart Anchor Acorn
Palm Tree 144 Heart 126 Anchor 117 Acorn 108
Pine Tree Star Maple Leaf Diamond
Pine Tree 3 Star 121 Maple Leaf 309 Diamond 386
Sea Star Apple Flower Man in the Moon
Sea Star 353 Apple 359 Flower 392 Man in the Moon 305
Owl Candle Cross Clover
Owl 307 Candle 229 Cross 150 Clover 131
Moon and Star Celtic Cross Dolphin Spade
Moon and Star 195 Celtic Cross 211 Dolphin 141 Spade 371
Tulip Star of David
Cherries 360 Witch 193 Tulip 346 Star of David 301
Duck Scallop Bird Moon
Duck 109 Scallop 155 Bird on Branch 441 Moon 233
Swan Candy Cane Butterfly Moon
Swan 237 Candy Cane 216 Butterfly 445 Moon 234
Horse Club Cat Dog
Horse 331 Club 343 Cat 313 Scotty Dog 326
Moustache Moose    
Moustache 430 Moose 434    

Color Options for T9D Model Shutters
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In our online How-To / DIY exterior shutter guides we show you how to measure for decorative shutters, also known as "fixed"or "direct mount"shutters, as well as operable or functional exterior shutter pairs. Installation is a snap with our guides relating to Projected, Recessed or Flush window shutter installations. There you will find diagrams and the proper way to calculate the right dimensions for your order.

Upgrade your current shutters to premium exterior shutter from Hooks and Lattice for a boost of curb appeal delivered right to your door.

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