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Ceiling Mount Sign Holders

Ceiling Sign Holders, or Direct Ceiling Mounts, are created with an aluminum extrusion, which has a channel for a 1/8" or 1/4" thick sign substrate.Our value-priced Ceiling Sign Holders come in 6", 8", 10", or 12" lengths, and come with set screws to hold your sign in place within the channel. Ceiling Sign Holders are perfect for interior signage, such as hallway signs, stairwells, end of halls, conference rooms or even left-to-right wayfinding. Each Ceiling Sign Holder comes with pre-drilled 3/16" holes located at each end making it very easy to install or change out as necessary. Ceiling Sign Mounts makes signs simple to read from a distance, or from the end of the hall. PVC sign blanks are also available that come in a variety of sizes to fit in the Ceiling Sign Mount. Custom sizes are available for most of our sign mounting hardware, Ceiling Sign Mounts, and Direct Ceiling Mounts.

Note: Products displayed below is pictured as a direct wall sign mount as this is the same product available for use for ceiling mounting. Simply click on product choices below and purchase while recognizing you can use to mount to either ceilings or walls.

Direct Sign Mounts for 1/8" Substrate | Corridor Sign Holders
Direct Sign Mounts for 1/4" Substrate | Corridor Sign Holders
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High Quality Ceiling Sign Holders

Sign Bracket Store's Ceiling Sign Holders, or Direct Sign Mounts, are made extruded from aluminum, and come with two set screws to secure your sign blank neatly and completely. Simple to install, these ceiling sign mounts come with pre-drilled holes on either side. Ready to install, each ceiling sign holder can be easily fastened to a ceiling, wall, post, or desktop with minimal effort. Besides used as direct ceiling mounts, they can be mounted as direct wall mounts, making them a movable product, therefore a reusable product should signage needs change due to refurbishment projects or reallocation of space. They make an attractive and clean line sign mount for corridors as well. Use as exit/entrance signs, stairwell signage, handicap signs, conference room identification, private/employees only signs, and much more.

Superior Materials and Design

These ceiling sign mounts and direct sign holders come in a natural aluminum finish. They are resistant to inclement weather, moisture, and humidity if used outside or sustain partial exposure. Our Aluminum Sign Direct Mounts can be painted or powder-coated to match any color or decor theme you have. When adapted for outdoor use, a high quality exterior latex paint or powder coat further protects the inherently resistant aluminum material, ensuring a durable and long-lasting sign holder. These ready-to-use sign mounts come in four different lengths too. Yet, we can also custom size lengths to your exact specifications. Standard sizes hold a 1/8" or 1/4" substrate, with 3/16" pre-drilled holes for convenient mounting.

Low Profile Design Promotes Visibility

The low profile design of these classic ceiling sign holders puts the focus where it belongs: on the sign itself. They offer versatility as well as it's easy to swap out signs when needed, making them a win-win for tabletop signage in particular. Ideal for conference rooms that may serve multiple audiences, hotels, and much more. For custom options, including size, color and powder coating, please call 888-919-7446 today to speak with a sign specialist.