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Semi flush ceiling lights are a popular overhead lighting solution, and the round ceiling lights found here take your home lighting design one better than all the rest. Each fixture featured here is a handcrafted ceramic ceiling light with all the creative spirit of clay artwork - a quality that not all round ceiling lights can claim.

A ceramic ceiling light is at home in any room of the house, and also in commercial applications like at a small business office or in guestrooms at a rustic resort and spa. Whatever the project, interior designers and DIY enthusiasts find ceramic semi flush ceiling lights to have a nice balance of design value and functionality.

Incorporate round ceiling lights with other designs for a pop of personality in every room, or hallway of the house. Fixtures can painted to color preference with most acrylic or latex-based paints.

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13.5"  Ceramic Bowl Ceiling Light w/ Seashells
13.5"  Ceramic Bowl Ceiling Light w/ Stars
13.5"  Bowl Ceiling Light w/ Leaflets
13.5"  Ceramic Bowl Ceiling Light w/ Block Cut Out Rim
13.5" Ceramic Bowl Ceiling Light w/ Sprig Pattern
13.5" Bowl Ceiling Light w/ Light Window Border
17" Stars Galore Large Ceramic Ceiling Light
17" Dragonfly Drop Ceiling Light
13.5" Ceiling Light w/ Abstract Maize Border
13.5" Ceramic Vessel Ceiling Light
13.5" Jasmine Ceramic Ceiling Light
13.5" Ceramic Ceiling Light w/ Conjoined Circle Border
13.5" Drum Top Ceiling Light
13.5" Twigs & Leaves Ceramic Ceiling Light
13.5" Ceiling Light w/ Continuous Border Pattern
13.5" S-Curve Border Ceramic Ceiling Light
13.5" Ceramic Ceiling Light w/ Diamond Border
13.5" Scattered Circles Border Ceiling Light
13.5" Ceiling Light w/ Vertical Cut Out
15" Classic Double-Edged Ceramic Ceiling Light
15" Shallow Saucer Ceiling Light
18" Random Circles Ceramic Ceiling Light
18" Blooms & Bugs Ceiling Light
18" Dinosaur Dreams Children's Ceiling Light
18" Dancing Flames Ceramic Ceiling Light
18" Ceramic Ceiling Light w/ Dancing Lines
18" Ceiling Light w/ Contemporary Eyelets
18" Ceiling Light w/ Southwest Border
18" Cracked Eggshell Ceramic Ceiling Light
18" Abstract Maple Leaf Ceiling Light
18" Ceramic Vessel Ceiling Light
Each ceramic ceiling light in this collection is an original Fabby design, now brought to you by Hooks and Lattice. As a popular fixture for homes, semi flush ceiling lights are sold in a range of materials and designs. However, none as unique as round ceiling lights created from white earthenware clay that is slip cast and bisque fired, making each fixture a truly unique piece of functional art.

Few semi flush ceilings lights can boast an original design involving a meticulous technique of hand-working and firing clay. Each Fabby ceramic ceiling light can, though. For the homeowner or interior designer who wants their lighting to be memorable, yet still practical, these round ceiling lights with a semi flush mount address both desires. Here, a functional source of light meets a whimsical piece of clay art for all to admire and enjoy.

Suspended at less than 2' from your ceiling, semi flush ceiling lights fall somewhere in between recess lighting and a pendant. Their mount offers sophistication with a touch of drama in hanging just a bit below ceiling level. Round ceiling lights can be found in traditional bowl silhouettes featuring molded curvature. Designs with creative cutouts or contemporary patterns are also featured. For a children's ceramic ceiling light, Fabby imagined fixtures with dinosaurs, stars and dragonflies. These unique designs offer endless possibilities.

Beginning with a hunk of white earthenware clay, a ceramic ceiling light begins through hand-working and prepping the material for insertion into a custom slip mold. From there, a keen knowledge of temperature, humidity and pH guides each ceiling light through to the end of bisque firing. The kiln fire is also the process responsible for each fixture's milky white color. Most customers choose to mount semi flush ceiling lights in their natural finish, while others apply latex or acrylic-based paints for coloration.

With the spirit of artful creation embodied, these ceramic ceiling lighting fixtures bring a special personality to any living room, hallway or reception hall. Browse through round ceiling lights from Fabby online via Hooks and Lattice, and know that you're not only ordering a light fixture, you're acquiring a genuine work of art.