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Residential Premier Coronado Planters

The residential Composite Coronado Premier Planter is made of durable cellular PVC, a top of the line material that looks and feels like wood but is impervious to rotting, splitting and warping. This traditional planter design was modeled after a commercial job we did for the Hotel del Coronado - a famous historic resort hotel in San Diego. Like the industrial-sized versions we made for the beachside resort grounds, the residential versions are built tough and are inherently white. We scaled the trim down to be slightly smaller for a more visually appealing aesthetic for private homes. You can buy the planters white (unfinished), or select from one of our 20+ paint color options prior to checkout.

The Coronado is offered in a classic rectangle shape, along with a taller version that is ideal for delineating spaces or adding instant privacy. Border an outdoor seating area or deck with PVC planters filled with succulents and tropical foliage. Create an intimate setting anywhere, by planting reeds, bamboo or small palms to create a plant privacy screen that is as attractive as it is effective!

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24in. Coronado Premier Deck Planter w/ Feet 12in. W x 12in. H
36in. Coronado Premier Deck Planter w/ Feet 12in. W x 12in. H
48in. Coronado Premier Deck Planter w/ Feet 12in. W x 12in. H
60in. Coronado Premier Deck Planter w/ Feet 12in. W x 12in. H
72in. Coronado Premier Deck Planter w/ Feet 12in. W x 12in. H
24" Square x 18"H Residential Premier Coronado Planter
36"L x 24"W x 18"H Residential Premier Coronado Planter
48"L x 24"W x 18"H Residential Premier Coronado Planter
60"L x 24"W x 18"H Residential Premier Coronado Planter

Stunning Residential PVC Premier Coronado Planters

Residential Premier PVC Coronado Planters reminiscent of the hotel by the same name, now offer a rich tradition for the home. The style has been used by the historic Hotel del Coronado since it opened on February 19, 1888. More than 120 years later the Hotel Del still has these square and rectangular planters, just as Benjamin Harrison, the first of 11 U.S. Presidents to visit the Del, saw them in 1891. Large parts of the Wizard of Oz and two other Oz books were reportedly written when L. Frank Baum spent extended periods at the hotel. And everyone in the cast and crew of the movie "Some Like It Hot," still regarded as America's best comedy, worked alonside these deck planters when the movie was filmed at the Hotel del Coronado with Jack Lemmon, Tony Curtis and Marilyn Monroe.

The Del's Hotel Planters Upgrade

A few years ago when the Hotel del needed to replace their old, wooden hotel planters, they turned to Hooks and Lattice to see if we could improve them. Naturally we did, replacing them with large custom planter boxes without any sacrifice in style or appearance. In fact, we just made the same Coronado planters from top-of-the-line cellular PVC to ensure they will be in service for many years longer without needing repainting to maintain their pristine white finish. With PVC, we provided a no-rot, modern solution to this historic landmark. Working with Hotel del Coronado every step of the way, we manufactured and locally delivered exactly what they needed to perfect their property and revitalize the outdoor space. It is our pleasure to offer a commercial planter built to suit private residences. Rescaled for home landscapes, the Coronado fits well in front and backyard landscapes as well as office buildings and salons.

Coronado Residential Planters and Pots Now Available

Upon improving the durability of the historic Hotel Del's poolside plant containers, we have made them available as residential planters and pots for the home. We manufacture these stunning composite planters using the same PVC material except rescaled for home landscapes and exterior environments. This rescaling includes both rectangular and square classic Premier Coronado styling, just as it appears at the Del. For additional information about these planters, or for custom options, please contact one of our design specialists today.