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Classic wall sconces provide the natural elegance of ceramics in this collection of traditional sconces, imagined by Fabby. With a range of styles inspired by classic design components, let your eye wander over traditional wall sconces in the shape of cylinders, bowls, funnels, and alluring derivations of each.

Each of the traditional wall sconces featured below is handmade from white earthenware clay using custom slip casts for molding. With highly specialized knowledge, classic wall sconces are born of the right balance of elements whereby clay matter is prepped and bisque fired to create a true work of functional art.

Whether seeking traditional sconces to line a long corridor, or looking for an accent piece to mount above framed artwork, this product category can accommodate your design intent. As an aesthetically pleasing and versatile designer lighting solution, ceramic traditional sconces make a brilliant addition to any home or office. For more classically inspired styles, see our Theater Sconces category.

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10"  Embellished Jar Classic Wall Sconce
15"  Fountain Traditional Ceramic Sconce
7"  Embellished Jar Classic Wall Sconce
13"  Regal Classic Sconce
17.5"  Large Funnel Ceramic Sconce
9.5"  Ceramic Bowl Sconce w/ Abstract Pattern
9.5"  Deep Bowl Ceramic Wall Sconce w/ Contemporary Band
9.5"  Deep Bowl Ceramic Wall Sconce w/ Contemporary Band
9"  Cylinder Sconce w/ Symmetrical Circle Borders
7"  Ceramic Cylinder Sconce w/ Abstract Cut Outs
12" Embellished Edging Traditional Wall Sconce
9" Cylinder Sconce w/ Traditional Cross Emblem
6" Classic Torch Ceramic Wall Sconce
6" Rustic Torch Classic Ceramic Sconce
14" Roman Crown Traditional Bowl Sconce
5" Classic Cylinder Ceramic Sconce
In this lighting collection, traditional wall sconces are reimagined as unique works of ceramic art. Designed by Fabby, each of the classic wall sconces featured here begins as earthenware clay. Through a meticulous slip casting process, traditional sconces are custom molded and subsequently bisque fired to reach the elegant, creamy white finish pictured above. And for the lover of bright colors, all fixtures are paintable using acrylics or latex-based paints.

The popularity of sconce wall lighting ensures plenty of traditional sconces are available on the market today. This makes finding classic wall sconces with a memorable personality quite a search, and many customers find that the factory-made designs fall short of their design standards. When Fabby began to create lighting from white earthenware clay, traditional wall sconces seemed a natural direction in which to turn. This category of lighting is based on time-honored silhouettes with elegant grooves and molded edging - details which find a natural complement in the formation of clay.

These classic wall sconces may take into account traditional themes of design and lighting, but they also offer new interpretations of beloved shapes and embellishments. Classic outlines are here paired with interesting cutouts. Or, vice versa, traditional sconces are reimagined as a somewhat more modern shape with traditionalist elements incorporated through cutouts and patterns. However classic design works its way in, each ceramic sconce finds traditional relevance while managing to convey fresh appeal.

Traditional sconces by Fabby are one in a line of various ceramic lighting fixtures, designed for interior use. While primarily used indoors, some ceramic sconces are also available for damp outdoor wiring. Please call for more details. For homes, classic wall sconces are an innovative hallway light and also work well in alcoves where art hangs, or above a foyer accent table. In office buildings or retail spaces, ceramic wall sconces can make an interesting display or corridor light to showcase or guide, respectively.

Online orders of traditional sconce lighting via Hooks and Lattice are secure, and all breakable items are packaged and ship with care to your address. Visit our comprehensive 'Home Lighting' category for other wall sconces, ceiling and pendant lights.