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Children's Sconces, Lights & Lamps

For fun and safe kid's lights, we are proud to bring you this collection of hand cut FABBY children's lamps, children's ceiling lights and wall sconces. Each Ceramic Children's Light found in this collection is made from white earthenware clay that is hand worked, molded in a slip cast and bisque fired. It's this handcrafted touch that makes each children's light fixture a special expression of young personalities and imagination.

For overhead fixtures, choose from a variety of children's ceiling lights with playful themes and patterns like cowboys and dinosaurs. If a bedroom wall light is what you're after, our selection of ceramic sconces will take you all the way from outer space to critters in the garden. And finally, our children's lamps come in comforting depictions of home that also make great night lights with the simple addition of dimmers.

Whether applied as a functional bedroom wall light or as decorative kid's lights in a playroom, the natural appeal of a FABBY ceramic fixture will certainly bring personality and pizzazz to your designs.

Buy Handmade Ceramic Children's Lighting online or call: 800-896-0978 7am - 5pm PST, M-F

13" Home Sweet Home Ceramic Table Light
7"  Starry Night Cylinder Sconce
7"  Cylinder Sconce w/ Fish & Bubble Cut Outs
9"  Starry Night Cylinder Sconce
7"  Ceramic Cylinder Wall Sconce w/ Teddy Bear
12.5"  Dragonfly Dream Table Lamp
12.5" Ceramic Bowl Sconce w/ Star Border
18.5" Fish Frenzy Children's Wall Sconce
7" Royal Crown Children's Cylinder Sconce
13.5" Dragonfly Motif Ceramic Ceiling Light
13.5" Frolicking Fish Children's Ceiling Light
9.5" Goldfish Tank Ceramic Bowl Sconce
18.5" Jasmine Children's Bedroom Sconce
9" Cowboy & Cactus Ceramic Children's Sconce
13" Cozy Cottage Children's Wall Sconce
23.5" Milky Way Children's Bedroom Sconce
13" Home Sweet Home Ceramic Wall Sconce
7" Starry Tropical Island Children's Sconce
21.5" Starry Sky Children's Ceiling Light
13.5" Airplanes & Automobiles Children's Ceiling Light
13.5" Old West Sheriff Children's Ceiling Light
7" Anchors Away Themed Children's Sconce
18" Shooting Star Children's Ceiling Light
13.5" Baseball, Glove & Bat Themed Ceiling Light
13.5" Starlight Anchors Children's Ceiling Light
13.5" Dreamy Dinosaurs Ceramic Ceiling Light
13.5" Milky Way Children's Ceiling Light
13.5" Blooms & Bees Ceramic Ceiling Light
13.5" Goldfish Tank Children's Ceiling Light
23.5" Airplanes & Automobiles Ceramic Bathbar Sconce
23.5" Kittens, Dogs & Daisies Children's Bathroom Sconce
22.75" Choo-Choo Train Ceramic Bathroom Sconce
23.5" Cowboy & Coyote Children's Bedroom Sconce
9" Milky Way Children's Cylinder Wall Sconce
9" Royal Crown Ceramic Cylinder Sconce
9" Ceramic Cylinder Sconce w/ Clown Character
9" Mighty Dinosaurs Children's Wall Sconce
8.5" T-Rex & Triceratops Children's Bowl Sconce
12.5" Milky Way Children's Table Lamp
7" Big Star Cylinder Sconce w/ Side Vents

Hand Cut Ceramic Kids Lighting You Can Customize

Lighting a children's room with decorative fun-filled sconces and lamps can provide not only ceiling lights that provide a soft glow for reading your child a bedtime story. They also add soothing designs for them to dream by. Without a doubt, ceramic light fixtures specially designed for children's rooms provide both illumination and an artistic flair to any child's environment. Whether you choose children's ceiling lights that are coordinated with bedside lamps or unique patterns for each fixture, your child will enjoy designs such as gentle breezes or celestial moon and star renditions. With so many options to choose from, from ceiling lights to children's bedside lamps, you will have no trouble finding just the right style for the bedroom. In fact, there are as many fun themes in our kids lights collection as there are colors of the rainbow, maybe more!

Earthenware Clay Ceiling Lights

From fish and bubble cutouts to royal crowns to dragonflies, our earthenware-fired clay ceiling lights provide many playful themes that are guaranteed to inspire your child until he or she is grown. Each lamp is handcrafted and molded in a slip cast before being bisque fired, ensuring longevity in these finely manufactured lighting products. And besides essential illumination for your child's room, if you add a dimmer mechanism they can become convenient night lights as well. And if you need kids room ideas for playrooms, any of these styles make for a great addition to carry out the theme you've established in the bedroom.

Sconces and Lamps in All Shapes and Sizes

Besides our many designs, our sconces and lamps come in a variety of sizes. For small wall lights or as accents, check out the 9 inch Cowboy and Cactus sconce or the 7 inch Tropical Island design. The 9.5 inch Goldfish Tank Bowl Sconce is also petite, perfect for playrooms or large closets that require some illumination. We also carry the 7 inch Cylinder Wall Lamp with a Teddy Bear theme for baby's room. For larger lamps, check out the 13 inch Home Sweet Home table lamp or the 23 inch Cowboy and Cactus rectangular sconce lamp. No matter what you're looking for to light up your children's room, you can find it here.

For additional information about all our Children's sconces, ceiling lights, and kids lights, please call today to speak with one of our specialists. You can also contact us for bulk discounts or for a quote on a custom light fixture with your child's name, initials or a totally custom cutout design.