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Artificial Outdoor Boxwood Hedge with Cleat Mount

While your plants are the star of the show, the right outdoor planter can really make or break your landscaping design. You need options that are the right size for your chosen plants, the right materials to hold up in your location, as well as one that will enhance and update your décor motif, rather than take away from it. We're pleased to offer Commercial Wall Planters with Artificial Boxwood Hedges, which are designed to hang on exterior surfaces made from virtually any materials. That means whether your home is brick, stucco, stone, or wood - these planters are ideally suited for your home.

These planters offer a sleek, modern shape that is ideally suited for commercial and office spaces. Mount along exterior walls along entries and walkways, and enjoy their vibrant appeal and contemporary good looks. They're perfect for use with our stunning faux plants, such as our boxwood shrubs, which offer a realistic appearance without any of the maintenance you'd find with other plants. They won't fade or wear out as quickly as lesser artificial plants, and they'll never require watering and other maintenance, allowing your landscapers and handyman to spend time doing other things.

The planter has an easy-to-use cleat mounting system, which makes installation easy to achieve, even if you're not exactly a licensed professional.

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