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3 Pack of Coconut Coir Fiber Blocks - Growing Medium

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650g Block; Approx. 2.5 gal

Grow Healthier, More Vibrant Plants

Give your favorite container garden plants a real treat with this three pack of coconut coir fiber blocks. A healthy and eco-friendly alternative to traditional potting soil and fertilizers, coconut coir fiber is a natural choice for giving your plants the best start at a long and healthy life. An incredible deal to beat what you were spending on soil additives from the local garden shop, each 650g brick of coco fiber will expand to fill approximately 2.5 gallons when moistened. Mix this beneficial natural planting medium with your favorite organic fertilizer and soil when potting your plants in the spring for vibrant, prolific plants that thrive all summer long.

Coco Fiber Block Features:

  • 100% natural derivative of coconut husk
  • Keeping it green! Obtained from sustainably harvested materials
  • Desirable pH level similar to rain water
  • Freedom from pathogens, fungal spores and weeds
  • More stabile and durable than peat moss

Eco-Friendly Organic Fertilizer

Our multi-pack of coco fiber blocks helps to keep your container gardening experience green on so many levels. These coir blocks are derived from sustainably grown coconut trees and are a natural byproduct to coconut harvesting. Rather than going to landfills where it can take centuries to break down, these coconut husks go to good use in your garden. It doesn't get more eco-friendly than that! Coco fiber is also a wonderful soil amendment that can facilitate better plant growth without the use of harmful manmade chemicals. These coco blocks are 100% natural, free of pathogens, fungal spores and weeds.

Coco Fiber Blocks Increase Soil Quality

Add stability and increase soil quality in your favorite window boxes, large container garden planters, and indoor and outdoor decorative planter pots by adding one part coco coir for every two parts potting mix. One hour before potting soak the coconut husk material in water so that it is easy to break up. Coconut fiber is more stable and more durable than traditional peat moss. Coco fiber adds beneficial organic matter to your planter beds, improves soil drainage and moisture retention, and has a neutral pH (similar to rain water) that is preferred by most plant species.

650g Block; Approx. 2.5 gal

5K brick (moistened) will cover a 3'x3' area to a depth of 2.5" avg., approximately 16-20 gallons.

650g brick (moistened) expands to approximately 2.5 gallons.