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Coco Fiber Rolls

Create a coco fiber growing medium in any size or shape using coco fiber rolls, brought to you online at Hooks & Lattice. In window boxes, railing planters and hanging baskets, coconut coir makes a lovely and efficient liner. Each coco liner roll is derived from the fibrous material found between a coconut's outer husk and milky center, making it a naturally breathable home for healthy plant roots.

Get coco fiber rolls to line new container gardens, or just keep a 4 or 8-foot coco liner roll on hand for easy replacement of worn or damaged inserts. Throughout the season, gardeners notice that use of a coco fiber growing medium has greater durability than peat moss or other green mats. The nature of the coir material is robust and ours is approximately 1/2" thick making for superior longevity. Not to mention, purchasing the material in rolls gives the gardener freedom to create whatever size and shape is right for each project. Simply use a utility knife to cut, then press coco fiber rolls into the desired shape for ready-made planter lining.

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4 Foot Coconut Coir Liner Roll
8 Foot Coconut Coir Liner Roll
10 Foot Coconut Coir Liner Roll
15 Foot Coconut Coir Liner Roll
20 Foot Coconut Coir Liner Roll
30 Foot Coconut Coir Liner Roll
50 Foot Coconut Coir Liner Roll
Keep coco fiber rolls on hand as an easy enhancement to container gardening. Gardeners who love hanging baskets, hayrack troughs and window box cages will love what a coco liner roll can do for their landscape. Depending on the scale of the project, Hooks and Lattice offers rolls measuring as little as 4-feet long, and as large as 33-feet long. Use the material to line newly purchased iron window box cages or buy it to keep on hand as replacement liner.

Creating a coco fiber growing medium is conducive to healthy plant growth and a good looking container arrangement. Each coco liner roll is made up of natural material that comes from the fiber between a coconut husk and its center, also known as coir. This is put into mat form and held together using an ecological tree sap adhesive, making for an effortless combination of organic beauty and robustness.

Coco fiber rolls give gardeners a great alternative to moss liner options that can be messy and difficult to maintain. A coco fiber growing medium also has greater longevity when compared with peat moss liners in a similarly sized container. Purchasing coco coir in rolls is a convenient way to keep the material on hand as it is easy to store. Just pull the roll out when needed and use a utility knife to cut out the desired size and shape.

Choose a coco liner roll measuring 4-feet, 8-feet, 16-feet or 33-feet long. Plants and flowers love to grow in coconut coir, in part to its fibrous nature. This gives the material a breathability that is conducive to healthy airflow and plant roots. Favorite window box and hanging basket arrangements will thrive, including daisies, geraniums, ivy and marigolds. A coco fiber growing medium also allows for planting into the sides of the mat so an arrangement looks to surround the entire outside of a planter.

For more information on coco fiber rolls or the use of a coco fiber growing medium in outdoor container gardening, please call toll free at 1-800-896-0978, 7am-5pm PST, Monday-Friday.