4 Foot Coconut Coir Liner Roll

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Give hanging baskets and flower boxes a sustainable boost with this 4 Foot Coconut Coir Liner Roll. Ideal for use as a window box liner, each roll of coco coir liner is made from sustainably farmed coconut husks and fibers, and is held together with natural tree sap, so you have the joy of knowing it's made from all natural materials. But you don't have to have be eco-chic to appreciate the coco liner's ability to retain soil while allowing sufficient drainage for healthy root systems. Enough moisture is held near the roots as it drains to ensure proper watering, but drainage keeps the roots from rotting over time, and air is allowed to circulate easily. Each flower box liner roll is heavy-duty, and manufactured extra thick to be long-lasting for multiple seasons of use. Simply measure your existing containers or garden beds, and then choose the size that's right for you. Or, roll out your liner in garden beds or flower beds to prevent weeds from cropping up and destroying all your hard work. Shop coco coir liners in many standard lengths online; also available in pre-formed shapes and sizes if you prefer not to cut your own.

Measurements are 48"L x 39"W x .4" thick

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Length 4'
Width 39"
Material Coconut Coir
Color Natural
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