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These Glazetone planters look like tile carefully glazed with enamel, but the exquisite speckled glaze round flower pots are instead an exceptional faux in hand-finished metal planters. That means Glazetone round flower pots are lightweight and unbreakable. Multiple weather-resistant layers give these Glazetone planters exceptional durability as well. Other assets? These container planters are lightweight and unbreakable.

Think of the impact these vivid container pots will make on your deck or patio. Goodbye boring! They're also a lovely accent for a front porch or entry. Our glazed exterior pots come in three sizes with delightful price tags that make it easy to buy in multiples for wherever you'd like to use them, and Glazetone enameled pots may be indoors as well as out.

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Are you among the millions who love container planters and year after year have hungered for those wonderful, big, bright ceramic urns? With Glazetone planters, your yearning days are behind you.

Glazetone planters solve all the problems of traditional large round container pots. Glazetone container planters are metal, unbreakable, lightweight and highly weather resistant flower pots. The rich speckled glaze is hand-finished with multiple layers of weather resistance glazed in. Glazetone flower pot prices are equally delightful, and you may choose diameters in 12", 16" and 21". All three glazed round planters allow a lush profusion of plants and flowers for absolutely stunning containers. Each color - azure blue, fire red and marigold is a show stopper on its own and very attractive with either or both of its siblings. Each pot has a removable plug for good drainage.

How might you best display glazed container pots? That's really just a matter of choice. Intermixing one or two on stands is lovely, as shown here, or group them on the floor of your deck or patio. Varying the sizes creates more drama without stands. Brightly colored pots in your flower bed add accent color even between bloom periods - sometimes you want to break up a greenscape a bit.

Because of their deep saturated color, Glazetone pots lend themselves to plantings at the opposite end of the color wheel - lime and other vivid greens in red, for instance.