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Pedestal Premier Planters

Pedestal Premier Planters

These Outdoor Pedestal Planters have the appearance of painted wood, but each Pedestal Planter is actually made from premier composite PVC for a durable, commercial grade container. As part of the Planters Unlimited Premier collection, this outdoor pedestal design holds up well in exterior applications with heavy planting loads.

The Pedestal Planter style features a commanding base that almost appears as an outdoor pedestal with a planter resting on top. Although our large, outdoor Pedestal Planters are sturdy and heavy duty like wooden containers, they come at a fraction of the weight and maintenance. Compared to a similar Pedestal Planter in cedar, a cellular PVC container is easier to move and resists rotting, cracking or warping without expensive sealant applications. This material also maintains its vibrant finish in tough climates for long-lasting performance.

To order outdoor Pedestal Planters, we welcome your toll free call for a one-on-one project consultation and price quote.

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Our Premier Outdoor Pedestal Planters are a Cellular PVC outdoor pedestal container that resembles painted wood, but performs like a virtual no-maintenance Premier Composite PVC planter. A Pedestal Planter can be built to a range of custom dimensions, based on your particular project parameters.

As a part of the Planters Unlimited Premier collection, the Pedestal Planter is one of many options for a commercial grade container built from Premier Composite PVC. Seen here in a substantial outdoor pedestal configuration where the container base is wider at the bottom, designs that utilize slimmer four-post or straight-edged silhouettes are also available. For a strong base though, Outdoor Pedestal Planters are second to none in terms of their hard-wearing, commanding footprint.

To begin building a Pedestal Planter design for your commercial, or perhaps even residential landscape, Planters Unlimited offers one-on-one project consultation via phone. Our outdoor Pedestal style in Cellular PVC can be customized to a range of sizes for applications on large resort lawns, along exterior dining spaces or on verandas and various other outdoor lounging spaces. A Pedestal Planter features classically clean style, making it an easy addition to traditional or contemporary landscapes.

Fill an Outdoor Pedestal Planter with flora and fauna of any variety. Their brilliant finish makes a lovely contrast to bright floral arrangements that combine greenery and bright blooming flowers. Petunias, pansies, or easy-care perennials will all find a welcome home in this container. Outdoor Pedestal Planters are built to perform as commercial grade containers suited to heavy planting loads. Commercial landscape designers and architects recognize the benefits of Cellular PVC containers when compared with similar wooden containers, in terms of maintenance and longevity. A Premier Composite PVC Pedestal Planter is virtually maintenance free and holds up in extreme climates where moisture, harsh sunlight or even colder temperatures prevail. Our outdoor Pedestal design and other Premier Planters are pictured in a white finish, but other finish options may be available upon request.

For more details, please contact a knowledgeable and friendly member of our team toll free at 1-888-320-0626 (M-F, 7am-5pm PST).