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Self Watering Planters and Commercial Reservoirs

Reservoirs are an easy add-on for making commercial planters self watering containers. To reduce maintenance costs, self watering planters are a huge asset in terms of cutting down on both time and money expenditure. In addition, our large reservoirs will fit into most any container for easy conversion of existing planters.

Accomodate commercial containers in diverse sizes or shapes. Our reservoirs are available in round or rectangular shapes, and Rootball or Donut Assembly models.These inserts produce long-lasting irrigation without continuous maintenance. For more information on water capacity and specific dimensions, click on the applicable category below and then individual products.

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We provide two basic categories: Round Watering Reservoirs and Rectangular Watering Reservoirs. Rround shapes are highly versatile and can be utilized in most any container, including planters with a round, square or rectangular footprint, in addition to hanging baskets. Donut and Rootball Assembly models are also available.

When purchasing, please be aware of the specific measurements of the container you wish to convert. Most units will irrigate an additional 9"of soil beyond its edge, so by adding this number to the diameter of the insert itself, you can easily calculate its irrigation reach. For example, for a 22"D round container, a 12"Round Planter Well Reservoir would provide an appropriate level of saturation. Apply this same calculation to any rectangular or square styles. For jug- or jar-shaped containers where a small opening limits insertion, there are also Donut Assembly Commercial Reservoirs comprised of two halves that can be inlaid separately and connected once inside.

For large trees with root balls, try one our Root Ball Assembly. Designed to fit around a root ball underpinning, these are well suited to large trees with this particular root structure.

For questions on any of the Commercial Reservoirs seen online at Planters Unlimited, or for product consultation with respect to your custom project, we welcome your toll free call at 1-888-320-0626 (M-F, 7am-5pm PST).