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Commercial Redwood Planters

Large redwood planters have a naturally robust look. The organic beauty and innate strength of redwood makes it a logical choice for commercial planter material - attractive and durable. Other wooden planters can't compare to its deep rich tones and woodsy character, perfect for placement on a commercial patio, restaurant terrace or pool deck.

With the ability to translate across a range of design spectrums, redwood planters can bring a rustic element to cityscapes or further enhance natural scenery. Commercial planters are no exception to the modern green movement, and many designers, architects and planners find projects pulling them back in the direction of Earthy materials. Evoke the fresh feeling of a Northern California forest with a large outdoor planter composed of redwood as a perfect complement to nature-inspired plans. Browse our online product section to find a variety of wooden planter sizes and styles.

Planters Unlimited has designed and built custom commercial redwood planters for the student center complex at the University of California, San Diego.

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Large Commercial Redwood Planters

Inspired by the towering forests of Oregon and Northern California, this collection of redwood planters evokes an element of nature in commercial settings. Originally designed for the University of California at San Diego, the construction process inspired further expansion to this collection of wooden planters in the redwood variety. The natural rich tones of the material in addition to its innate robustness make it a logical choice for commercial planter material. Just as it would in its native woodland environment, redwood embodies strength and rustic beauty in a large outdoor planter application and stands up well in the elements. It is resistant to rotting and decay, and possesses unique character traits that you simply won't find in other wooden planters.

Commercial designers, landscape architects and project planners will immediately see the possibilities across a broad range of design aesthetics. Inject a bit of Mother Nature into a modern cityscape dominated by industrial buildings and muted colors, or maintain continuity with already Earthy surroundings. Not only does a redwood planter bring its own inherent livelihood, but it will create a new home for fresh flowering plants, tall grasses or hanging vines. The natural variation in the wood's pigmentation makes for an interesting focal point in itself, on top of the commercial planting possibilities for arrangements including lively greenery and bold blooms. It also compliments an array of outdoor furniture and other wooden planter materials.

Browse through our online product list of large outdoor planters in redwood and explore your options in size and style ranging from window box varieties to installments for ground placement on grass or a sidewalk. Whatever variety you choose, the integrity of the hardwood shines through in these commercial planters making them an attractive way to liven up your garden or commercial-scape.

For specific details on sizes and pricing, a member of our customer service team is available to assist you. Feel free to contact us at 1-888-320-0626 (M-F, 7am-5pm PST) and get one step closer to livening up your landscape design with a stunning commercial redwood planter from Planters Unlimited!