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Commercial Planter Reservoirs - All

PlanterWell reservoir inserts are an innovative solution for making existing pots and window boxes into self watering planters, making gardens easier to maintain - no matter the size. Choose a size that fits your container or request linking service for large self-watering window boxes and planters. Easy to place, space, remove, drain, store, and clean (inside and out), these reservoirs offer any old or new window box or flower planter a fresh start - no need to buy a new planters. This lowers your commercial project costs considerably. Shapes include: round, bowl-shaped, half-round, rectangular, square, and even designs specific for fitting around tree rootballs.

As eco-friendly as it is business savvy, this flexible, effective and proven approach to irrigation is a sensible, water and cost-saving solution for offices, hotels, and restaurants. No more problematic, clunky irrigation systems that often get clogged with dirt and mud, failing to hydrate plants if not properly maintained.

Not only do PlanterWell self watering reservoirs reduce the times that a planter needs to be watered it also improves plant growth and reduces water usage. Each one will irrigate 9" of soil beyond its edge, so a single 24" planter well reservoir will keep the soil moist in a window box or planter that is 42" long.

For Custom Planter Reservoir Systems please call: 888-320-0626 7am - 5pm PST, M-F

Round Watering Reservoirs
6" Round Planter Well Reservoir
12" Round Planter Well Reservoir
14" Round Planter Well Reservoir
18in. Round Planter Well Reservoir
24in. Round Planter Well Reservoir
28in. Round Planter Well Reservoir
36in. Round Planter Well Reservoir
46in. Round Planter Well Reservoir
60in. Round Planter Well Reservoir
8" Round Planter Well Reservoir
18in.Dx3in.H Donut Assembly
Half of an 18in.Dx3in.H Donut Assembly
18" Hanging Basket Planter Well "Bowl" Shaped Reservoir
22" Hanging Basket Planter Well "Bowl" Shaped Reservoir
Rectangular Watering Reservoirs
12"Lx8"Wx3"H Rectangular Reservoir
24"Lx8"Wx3"H Rectangular Reservoir
37"Lx9"Wx3"H Rectangular Reservoir
25"Lx9"Wx3"H Rectangular Reservoir
36"Lx8"Wx3"H Rectangular Reservoir
21.5" PlanterWell Reservoir for Tapered or Square Window Boxes
33.5" PlanterWell Reservoir for Tapered or Rectangular Window Boxes
24"L x 24"W x 3"H Square Reservoir
24in.Lx18in.Wx3in.H Rootball Assembly
36in.Lx18in.Wx3in.H Rootball Assembly
PlanterWell GrowBrownies
PlanterWell GrowBrownie 20"L x 5"W x 3"H
PlanterWell GrowBrownie 20"L x 10"W x 3"H
PlanterWell GrowBrownie 24"L x 3"W x 3"H
PlanterWell GrowBrownie 10"L x 10"W x 3"H
GrowBrownie "Crumbs" Soil Amendment- 1.0 Cu Ft per box
GrowBrownie "Crumbs" Soil Amendment - 2 Cu Ft Bag

Get Planters that Care for Themselves

When you want to water flowers and foliage while you're away, adding sub-irrigating Planterwells and moisture-wicking mediums are great ways to ensure plants are not over - or under - watered. We carry a large selection of self-watering reservoirs in diverse shapes and sizes. Choose from round, square and rectangular shapes to create self-watering planters for window boxes, ground planters, and hanging baskets. Made using a rugged plastic platform, add a commercial planter reservoir for large and small systems alike. Eco-friendly and easy to use, just slip into the bottom of your plant containers, fill with dirt and plants, and fill the reservoir via the tube with water. These self-watering systems can keep plants hydrated for weeks at a time, depending on plant variety and weather conditions.

Reduce Water Use by 50% with Self-Watering Pots

It has been calculated that self-watering reservoirs cut water usage in half. This, in turn, can actually save plants. When water is poured in the reservoir, roots wick moisture up only when needed. This eliminates root rot while also nourishing root systems. How? When water is directly poured into soil, essential minerals get leached out - minerals essential to good plant health. When reservoirs are used, saturated soil that creates mineral runoff is all but eliminated. And in addition to keeping plants healthier and well-watered, less water is actually used, not to mention staff time and expense can be cut dramatically.

Reservoir Sizes and Shapes

Planters Unlimited brings you the largest selection of reservoirs used to make any container a self watering planter box. It doesn't matter what size the container is, we have a reservoir system for the job. All of our Planterwell reservoirs include a PVC fill tube that makes refills a breeze using any garden hose. Additionally, we can link multiple reservoirs together the achieve multi-level designs and accommodate extra large planter boxes.

Shop round watering reservoirs in 6" to 60" diameter sizes. We also offer the half-round designs for those tricky containers. And you can assemble self watering hanging basket planters with ease - just drop one of our 18" or 22" hanging basket reservoirs (bowl-shaped design) into your baskets, add soil and plants, and fill using the included fill tube.

Square and Rectangular
Rectangular planter boxes require similarly shape inserts. Find 12" to 37" lengths and an array of widths and gallon capacities. Rootball assembly styles are ideal for use in planters with large trees and other oversized shrubbery varieties.

PlanterWell GrowBrownies
Fabricated from coconut coir, composted fir bark, and a proprietary polymer, this spongy addition can be cut to fit any size and is very simple to work with. We offer convenient square and rectangular shapes, as well as "crumbs" for uniquely-shaped containers.

When mixed throughout the soil they provide a natural watering function, holding moisture until roots need it.

For additional information about any of our planter wells and self-watering reservoirs, call 888-320-0626 today to speak with a garden specialist.