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Commercial Trash Receptacles

Add functional, attractive trash bins to commercial properties with this assortment of waste receptacle products. Commercial trash cans are at their best when focused on a smart combination of utility and streamlined design. Each waste receptacle online strikes this important balance, making sure to be identifiable without distracting from sophisticated commercial designs.

Attractive indoor and outdoor trash bins come in various materials, sizes and styles. Our line of fiberglass waste containers are notable for their lightweight, weatherproof durability and they also make a great match to exterior planters. Most commercial trash cans also come with the option to add ash trays - great for use in designated smoking areas. All waste containers are sized to fit standard commercial trash bags.

Marek Round Planter 28in.Dia x 30in.H
Rocca Round Trash Recepticle 28in.Dia x 30in.H
Valencia Round Fiberglass Trash Recepacle 28in. Dia. x 30in. H
Modern Tapered Square Fiberglass Trash Receptacle with Flap and Lid - 24in.Sq. x 42in.H

Integrate decorative trash receptacles to keep commercial properties clean without distracting from smart aesthetics. This line of commercial trash cans and recycling bins features containers in various sizes and shapes constructed out of all the industry-leading materials. Whether adding waste containers to the grounds of a park or inside of a shopping mall, find a product here with the precise look and utility.

The right indoor and outdoor trash bins should balance function and aesthetics. In other words, a waste receptacle needs to be easy to identify while, at the same time, blending in effortlessly. At Planters Unlimited, we understand that our clients want their customers, patrons and visitors focused on the beauty of a property - not waste containers. This line of products helps to satisfy both requirements.

Get decorative trash receptacles for interior or exterior applications. Many of our fiberglass models are even designed to match commercial planting containers featured in our online collection. This creates a seamless look across a commercial-scape and makes waste containers and recycling bins easy to blend in with the scenery. Again, a smart combination of visual appeal and functionality.

Click on individual commercial trash cans to view product specifications. Outdoor containers are watertight and weatherproof for virtually maintenance-free displays, and all trash bins are designed to take standard commercial trash bag sizes. Waste receptacles may also come with an ash tray option. This is great for designated outdoor smoking areas to make sure cigarettes and other smoking materials are extinguished safely and hygienically.

For bulk orders or to discuss large-scale custom commercial design projects please call toll free. While individual products may vary in terms of custom options, Planters Unlimited is dedicated to helping our customers create beautiful solutions that work for their property - from a decorative trash receptacle to beautiful commercial container gardening.