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Lattice Window Box w/ "Easy Up" Cleat Mounting System

The Lattice panel flower box is a versatile design that looks great on almost any style of home. The real latticework design makes it a favorite among home owners that are looking for that traditional cottage charm.  Our Lattice Premier Window Box is sold standard without faux brackets but they may be added as an option when ordering.

  • Custom lengths available (call for a quote)
  • Durable 5/8" thick solid wall construction
  • Handcrafted by local artisans
  • Hooks and Lattice top quality value guarantee: Carefully hand crafted window boxes with mitered corners and boxed with formed insulation pillows to ensure safe arrival.

All of our composite cellular PVC window boxes have the look and feel of real wood with the durability and weather resistance of cellular PVC. This rot proof composite material can be painted using a high quality latex paint. Our Premier Lattice Window Box as shown in this picture features two optional decorative, faux brackets underneath which may be added as an option when ordering via the drop-down menu as you add items to your cart. Includes Integrated Cleat Mounting Bracket, making these easy to install on walls, under windows or on property fences.

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24" Lattice Premier Window Box w/ *Easy Up* Cleat Mounting System
30" Lattice Premier Window Box w/ *Easy Up* Cleat Mounting System
36" Lattice Premier Window Box w/ *Easy Up* Cleat Mounting System
42in. Lattice Premier Window Box w/ *Easy Up* Cleat Mounting System
48in. Lattice Premier Window Box w/ *Easy Up* Cleat Mounting System
54" Lattice Premier Window Box w/ *Easy Up* Cleat Mounting System
60" Lattice Premier Window Box w/ *Easy Up* Cleat Mounting System
72" Lattice Premier Window Box w/ *Easy Up* Cleat Mounting System
Elegant Standard Faux Bracket

Charming Premier Lattice Flower Box

Homeowners and small business owners alike love this Lattice flower box in our Premier line with the "Easy Up" cleat mounting system. Their country look creates a warm cozy feel when hung beneath your window. Yet they also can convey a gentrified appearance in the city fit for a magazine spread. The Lattice Premier window box is just that versatile. The authentic criss cross pattern showcases the fine craftsmanship each lattice window box entails. With their diagonal design bordered with a framed and motif on all four sides, these delightful lattice window boxes look great almost anywhere. Decorate a country cottage or a large colonial style home, whichever you fancy. The natural pristine PVC planter material can be either left white without fading or bleaching or painted with a high quality latex paint to match your home's exterior.

Watch our About Cellular PVC Composite Window Boxes video:

Premier Composite Flower Window Boxes

Made with the highest cellular PVC grade material available, our Premier Composite flower window boxes won't crack, chip, warp, or bow. Yet they look just like wood but minus any drawbacks wood entails, such as rotting or mildewing. They are durable, weather resistant and long lasting. Available in 8 standard sizes, we can also custom manufacture to whatever size your design plans require. They are crafted using hand cut pieces before being constructed with mitered corners. They can be mounted either flush to the wall or by using our integrated "Easy Up" cleat mounting bracket system. Mount as-is or add faux brackets to further accent the lattice flower box design. Our Premier lattice window boxes come with pre-drilled holes for drainage. Or order a self-watering reservoir to keep plants hydrated up to 2 weeks, depending on plant species and weather.

The Perfect PVC Planter

With as much charm as these planters possess, the Lattice Premier planter box can be displayed in all kinds of locations around your home as well as around the country. Because they hold up well in all kinds of environments--from long, cold Northern winters to the blistering sun's heat of the desert Southwest--they look great year after year. The Premier boxes mimic the look of wood so effectively, your neighbors will wonder how you keep them looking so fine. Fill with colorful flowers for curb appeal to the front of your home or mount out back beneath a kitchen window and fill with herbs for convenient harvesting. For additional information and custom orders, please call 800-896-0978 to speak with a design specialist today.