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Weathered Stone Planters

Set industrial garden design up for success using concrete flower planters and pots. Strong and satisfying to look at, classic stone planter boxes and their variations have become the mainstay of commercial container gardening. Not only does the material lend well to heavy duty applications, but options like precast concrete planters offer architects, designers and their clients the look of vigor - an important quality for outdoor and public displays.

Our selection of made to order and hand pressed concrete planters includes both genuine concrete finishes and lighter weight alternatives. Like our GFRC or Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete Flower Planters that look just like the real thing at approximately a fourth of the weight. And stone planter boxes and pots are also featured in diverse size, shape and finish options to fit any project aesthetic. Whether displaying accent concrete flower pots or large space delineators housing trees and shrubs, the strength of this material adds a sense of flow and security.

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Trade discounts and custom sizes available

Weathered Stone Rectangular Planters
1 Design & 8 Standard Sizes - Custom Sizes Available
Weathered Stone Square Planters
1 Design & 6 Standard Sizes - Custom Sizes Available
Weathered Stone Low Bowl Planters
1 Design & 3 Standard Sizes - Custom Sizes Available
Weathered Stone Round Planters
1 Design & 2 Standard Sizes - Custom Sizes Available

Use concrete flower pots and planters to execute strong commercial design. Both inside and out, the look of stone planter boxes and pots is clean and high-impact. And with plenty of style and material options available, from precast concrete planters to GFRC alternatives, there's something to accommodate any project.

The beauty of concrete flower planters is that they prove to be a truly multi-purpose product. In industrial garden design, the first asset of concrete is its durable construction with an equally robust look to match. This equips each container not only to handle heavy planting loads and large root structures, but also to add a secure look and organized feel to commercial properties like shopping malls, and public spaces like playgrounds.

When it comes to adding plants and trees to a commercial-scape, container gardening is a smart ally in achieving project goals. Of great importance to many professional designers and their clients is the overall functionality of a container in addition to its look. Considering this, it's no wonder concrete flower planters are the quintessential garden container of industrial garden design nationwide. They can handle large planting loads and also have a heavy look that discourages theft or vandalism. And with a host of faux concrete finishes and material alternatives now on the market, it's easy to achieve the same look at a fraction of the weight.

From precast concrete planters to Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC) containers, products in this section provide a strong start for commercial gardens. Take multiples of a large concrete flower planter and scatter along a walkway to improve the flow of pedestrian traffic while adding a cohesive look to a property. Or take smaller GFRC garden containers to create lasting plant arrangements to accent entryways and lobbies. The universal appeal of concrete, inside or outside, will take any design to the next level.