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Conrad Round Cast Stone Planters

Add a pop of color or a flourish of greenery to luxury locales with the Conrad Round Cast Stone Planters. They're designed with upscale commercial settings in mind, and make wonderful additions to resort lobbies, guest room, casinos, and terraces. A stunning accent for storefronts or along paths and roadways, Conrad round planters save space and make a statement. Large outdoor planters give any setting a more "put together" look, plus they're virtually maintenance free when combined with our commercial quality artificial plants and trees. If you prefer the appeal of live plants, add our self watering reservoirs to keep them lively and healthy, saving time and money maintaining your container garden.

Our large flower pots mimic real handmade stone pots, but with the added benefit of fiberglass reinforcement. This increases the weather resistance and staying power even moreso than conventional stone plant containers which crack during extreme temperatures and can literally weigh a ton.

Request rolling casters for planters that are easy to move.Choose a suitable color, size, and even shape. Customize with your company logo can also be added upon request. Call our designers to discuss how you can create the garden urns and planters your project needs.

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Conrad Round Cast Stone Planter 15in.D x 12.5in.H
Conrad Round Cast Stone Planter 18in.D x 15in.H
Conrad Round Cast Stone Planter 23in.D x 18in.H
Conrad Round Cast Stone Planter 27in.D x 21in.H
Conrad Round Cast Stone Planter 31in.D x 24in.H
Conrad Round Cast Stone Planter 35in.D x 27in.H
Conrad Round Cast Stone Planter 40in.D x 31in.H
Conrad Round Cast Stone Planter 48.5in.D x 37in.H

Round Cast Stone Planters: The Conrad

Round Cast Stone Planters in the Conrad styling present a beautiful representation of the classic and the contemporary. With the focus on heft, these commercial cast stone planters made from Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete, known as GFRC, provide lots of room for all manner of flowers or greenery. Available in 8 sizes, these large outdoor planters can also be custom sized to fit your design scheme. While they look as heavy as concrete planters, they weigh only a quarter of concrete's weight. This quality has several benefits. While weighing less, they actually last longer than concrete due to the glass fiber reinforcement webbed throughout the concrete. In addition, GFRC plant containers facilitate far greater portability, letting you move these large flower pots easily given their size. What's more, GFRC has more flexible properties than concrete alone, making these stylish garden urns' customization capability significant.

In addition to GFRC we now offer Fiberstone, an even lighter weight material intended for use in high traffic, public areas.

Customization of Conrad Cast Stone Planters

Looking as if they could be handmade clay pots, the Conrad planters can not only be custom sized, they can also be custom colored. Our 6 standard colors provide a stunning complement to many color schemes. Yet, if your design plans call for a different shade or hue, we can accommodate your needs. This is also true for finishes. While created to look as if they were carved out of stone, we can manufacture to a smoother or more rough-hewn texture, whichever you prefer. Or add your logo in place of the middle band to boost your company's brand recognition. We can even alter the shape, add bands or remove bands on the Conrad's exterior. And while the Conrad comes with pre-drilled drainage holes, you can order these large flower pots without them for indoor use.

Diverse Settings for Large Outdoor Planters

Conrad large outdoor planters grace some of the finest establishments with their natural good looks. Perfect for upscale hotel terraces, resorts and spas, the Conrad is at home in the more casual environments of the corner bistro or outdoor cafe. It's that versatile. These round cast stone planters even make lovely additions to your own backyard. Or flank your front porch with two GFRC planters on either side. With planters as sturdy, beautiful and long-lasting as the round Conrad cast stone planter, you can enjoy years of use no matter the climate they are placed in, due to their rugged durability.