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Conrad Square Cast Stone Planters

Place Square Cast Stone Planters strategically along halls, foyers, or outside stores and cafés for a perfectly green way to welcome patrons. A popular choice for use as hotel planters, in upscale residences, and a myriad of other high-end locations. Their breadth accommodates a host of plant species, so your landscaping or indoor gardening aspirations are not limited by your containers. Plant trees and shrubs in square concrete planters in outdoor areas to create a privacy screen, or place on sidewalks to add a flourish of color.

Conrad cast stone planters are made from both concrete and fiberglass, a unique amalgamation that embodies the best of both worlds - Strengthened durability - Lighweight properties. You'll get the strength and industrial appeal of cement, coupled with the light weight and temperature resistance of glass fiber. This material makes for a truly versatile, durable, and long lasting planter that will last through all seasons.

Planters Unlimited manufactures all square outdoor planters with spacious interiors and pre-drilled drainage holes for healthy root systems. Call to request matching drip trays or for planters without drain holes for indoor use. Add artificial plants or use live plantings with self-watering reservoirs. Contact us for company branding on planters or to request additional finishes, sizes and textures.

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Conrad Cast Stone Planter 18in.L x 18in.W x 18in.H
Conrad Cast Stone Planter 24in.L x 24in.W x 18in.H
Conrad Cast Stone Planter 27in.L x 27in.W x 21in.H
Conrad Cast Stone Planter 31in.L x 31in.W x 24.5in.H

Elegant Conrad Square Cast Stone Planters

Conrad Square Cast Stone Planters are a statement of elegance, complete with their attractive bands that wrap around, trinity style. Enlivened with a band on the planter's bottom, one in the middle and one on top, our Conrad concrete planters are some of the most attractive commercial planters on the market today. With just a hint of pre-columbian artifact in them, these stone planters actually are made with glass fiber reinforced concrete, otherwise known as GFRC. Known for its ability to endure temperature extremes without cracking or chipping, As such, GFRC Conrad square outdoor planters provide years of durability while retaining their alluring and dignified looks season after season.

All of the Cast Stone Planters at Planters Unlimited can be made in GFRC or Fiberstone. Fiberstone is recommended for higher traffic areas and is even lighter weight than GFRC. Both of these cement planter alternatives outlast cement at a fraction of the weight.

Beautify Spaces with Conrad Large Planters

It's easy to beautify your space with Conrad large square planters. Set outside boutique hotel entrances, line pathways from one resort location to another such as from guest rooms to the spa or pool to create a distinctive look. Fill with colorful and vibrant floral arrangements, shrubs or dwarf trees to add a lush green environment as patrons stroll from one part of your property to another. They will enjoy the tranquility that these square cast stone planters provide when filled with vegetation. Ideal for upscale estate homes as well as an exotic resort, our Conrad planters provide all the beauty and durability you are looking for in finely crafted plant containers.

Lightweight and Multi-Faceted Cast Stone Delivers Durability

Our custom capabilities are substantial with the Conrad cast stone planter collection. Due to their construction, our exterior large planters are lightweight at only a quarter of concrete's weight. Yet they convey all the heft of concrete, providing its look and feel. This lighter property allows you to move the Conrad more easily, letting you redesign your exterior decor when needed. And since GFRC contains flexible properties, we can customize color, size, and finish, even alter its shape should your design plans require it. Remove a bottom band and add locking casters for even greater portability. Or eliminate the middle band on three sides and enhance your planter with a company logo for instant brand recognition. There's no end to the beauty and multi-faceted qualities of Conrad square stone planters. For additional customization options or to discuss your next project, call today to speak with one of design specialists.