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Mondrian 14in. Tapered Planter - Cider

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14"Dia. x 14"H
Base: 8.75"Dia.
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Appealing Aesthetic with Quality Construction

What if one online shop could offer you decorative outdoor planters that are both stunning in aesthetic appeal and incredibly durable for outdoor use? Why would you ever shop at your local home and garden center again? With the Mondrian tall round planter we think we've hit the jackpot. This handsome planter is eye-catching with a sleek tapered silhouette, yet simple enough in design for any type of exterior décor. It features a natural Cider brown color that looks just as lovely on an urban balcony as it does on a country porch. And- here's the best part- these modern tapered planters from the Mondrian collection are so hard-wearing that they can be used in any outdoor conditions without showing signs of wear and tear.

Weatherproof Modern Tapered Planters

This good looking round planter pot challenges you to leave it out in freezing cold, blistering sun, and pouring rain. You'll be pleasantly surprised to find that it withholds its original integrity no matter what. That's because our Mondrian garden planters are made from a high-quality fiberglass material. They exude the upscale look of handcrafted ceramic but won't give you any of the maintenance or replacement headaches that natural materials do. These rotationally molded anti-shock planters are resistant to cracking and chipping. They can't be ruined by destructive insect pests or rot. Our Mondrian planters are also resistant to fading in direct sunlight.

Tall Round Planter Promote Healthy Growth

This tall round planter is a great way to get those treasured garden plants up off the ground and before the eyes of your admiring visitors. Our Mondrian tapered planters feature a double-wall design that, while adding to their durability, also adds extra insulation for your growing root systems within. This added protection is especially beneficial for extremely hot or cold days. The tall tapered shape of this modern planter also promotes healthy root growth and water retention.

14"Dia. x 14"H
Base: 8.75"Dia.