72in. Regalia Decora Window Box w/ Real Copper Liner

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Unique Copper Plant Containers
We strive to bring you unique and desirable planters and hanging window boxes to create the garden space you've always wanted. The 72 inch Regalia Decora fits the bill in numerous ways! The chic copper liner is made from 100% real copper, which means that it will patina over time to a beautiful blue/green hue. This makes for a stunning contrast for the black planter cage exterior. Customers also enjoy the fact that our window boxes can be mounted in a variety of settings, so you're not limited to underneath windows alone. All you need is the appropriate hardware (sold separately) and a sturdy railing, wall, or fence on which to install them. This allows even those who live in apartments and condos to enjoy their own gardening experiences.

Worry-Free Gardening in Any Space
Even if you're not a champion gardener just yet our hanging window boxes can work for you. They feature drainage holes along the bottom of the liner, allowing water to escape if you accidentally over water, or your plants get caught in a storm. Additionally, the liner itself makes planting easier. Flowers and soil can be added and then the entire liner is lifted into place. Removing items is also that simple, letting you move arrangements from place to place, or take plants indoors when the temperature drops. Add the self-watering system to make things even easier and eliminate worry about frequent watering. Faux plants are also available for those who want the look of a vibrant garden but who don't want to do all the work.

Multi-season Function and Style
Our boxes are made to last so you won't have to worry about constant replacements. These planters are fashioned by hand and are made from wrought iron, a material that is heralded for its stability and strength. The exterior has been powder coated, which means superior protection against rust and other weather damage. The copper liner maintains an attractive appearance as well, even when used in areas with frequently poor weather conditions.

More Information
Length 72"
Height 7.5"
Mounting Type Mounting Strip
Liner Real Copper
Color Black
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