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Tapered Round ArmoreCoat Copper Planter

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19"Dia. x 16"H
Base: 10"

19" Tapered Round ArmoreCoat Copper Planter Overview:

  • Fiberglass core coated with real copper
  • Drainage hole located at bottom of container
  • Durable and lightweight
  • Ideal for use on patios, balconies, path and driveways, entrances.

We can customize these tapered round planters to meet your needs. To request a quote for different metal types (including: bronze, aluminum, rusted steel, and brass) or for other sizes please call toll-free.

How It's Made

Our customers have spoken - Lightweight metal planters can be tough to come by. Here at Hooks & Lattice, we are all about meeting your home and garden needs. We've engineered this tapered round outdoor planter by marrying two unique materials - fiberglass and real copper. The planter core is made from fiberglass, a durable and ultra-lightweight material that can be used indoors or outside year-round. Once the container has been formed, we coat the outside of the planter with our signature ArmoreCoat real metal coating, polish to perfection, and carefully package and ship to your home or business. This living metal coating is real copper and if left natural (unsealed) will patina over time to a beautiful grey-blue color, just as solid copper planters do.

Usage Recommendations

Each copper planter pot is made with drainage at its base; a drip tray is recommended for use indoors. Measuring 19 inches in diameter by 16 inches tall, the pot tapers to a versatile 10-inch diameter. This makes it perfect for placement on stairs, columns, ledges, and platforms. Line the drive or walkway, or add curb appeal to your front porch in just a few minute's time. With these round fiberglass planters, you can rest easy knowing they will not crack, twist, warp, or rot.

Planting Recommendations

What plants go in a 19" planter? This planter is around 15-16 gallons, making it perfect for growing small to medium-sized botanicals of all sorts. For an attractive mix of thrillers, spillers, and fillers, consider planting Green Mountain boxwood, petunias, and creeping Jenny. Add privacy to your balcony by lining the railing with small palms, one in each planter. You can also create a miniature garden in this large pot (see our fairy garden supplies for decorations), or plant an herb garden right on your balcony or patio. And for more planting ideas and uses for plant containers, be sure to check out our blog.

19"Dia. x 16"H
Base: 10"