72in. Copper ArmoreCoat La Fleur Window Box

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Add copper enhancements to windows and ledges with an ArmoreCoat La Fleur Flower Box. Long respected as a garden classic, copper is also a difficult material to incorporate given its cost and weight. Now, using an ArmoreCoat finish on top of weatherproof fiberglass, home gardeners and designers can appreciate the look of copper in an affordable, lightweight format. Through a process whereby copper is metalized onto fiberglass planters, the La Fleur takes on the exquisite rustic metal tone that will even patina over time. Just display below a window frame or along railings as the back side of this window box has a mounting cleat that makes installation a snap (window box is finished on three sides) and watch as flower planters age to perfection. The La Fleur is a truly luxurious garden accent within reach for any home.Includes metal clips for hanging.

More Information
Length 72"
Height 8"
Width 10.5"
Material Fiberglass
Mounting Type Cleat Mount
Color Copper
Sizes 72"
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