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Copper Planters & Bronze Planters

Copper and bronze planters at Hooks and Lattice include urns, pedestal planters, window boxes and more. From solid copper planters to our collection of bronze planters created via ArmoreCoat finishing techniques, there is something here to suit the eye of any discerning designer or homeowner.

Our selection of copper planter boxes, window containers and deck planters includes a variety of styles varying from urns to window boxes with a layer of real copper coated over a core of fiberglass. Both designs make for copper planters that naturally patina over time into a lovely weathered look.

Bronze planter options include our unique ArmoreCoat planters. Similar to the copper planter boxes mentioned above, this product begins with a fiberglass shell that is coated with a real layer of bronze that will allow the product to take on the look of solid bronze and even patina over time. Products come in various sizes and silhouettes to suit any home.

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Modern Wave Copper Planter Boxes
ArmoreCoat Bronze Laguna Deck Planter
18in. ArmoreCoat La Fleur Copper Planter
Copper & Bronze Window Boxes
Akio Copper Low Bowl Planter - 26"Dia. x 8"H
Modern Low Bowl Copper Planter - 18"Dia. x 4"H
Tapered Round ArmoreCoat Copper Planter

Handcrafted Metal Planters

Bronze and copper planters are, no doubt, a sophisticated accent to any home garden. On front porches, patios and out in the lawn, the luster of copper and bronze planters with warm tones and ever-changing patina colors is a source of excitement and charm. In this category of products, bronze and copper planter boxes for windows, in addition to freestanding containers, are assembled for a range of beautiful options to choose from.

In the world of window boxes, copper and bronze planters burnish the luster of your presentation. Our bronze and copper planter boxes designed for application under windows are each created utilizing our ArmoreCoat technique. As the exclusive source for these exciting metallic planters, we delight in letting you in on part of our secret. Bronze and copper planters with ArmoreCoat finishes are actually made from a fiberglass core that is coated with real metal. This is a challenging process that balances the durability of a fiberglass with the unique sheen of bronze and copper metals in the form of an outer shell. The best part is, the outer part of these window boxes acts and looks like real metal - it will even patina naturally over time.

The Many Forms of Copper Planter Pots

In addition to bronze and copper planter boxes for window applications, Hooks and Lattice also offers an array of other freestanding planters. Urns, embellished squares, tapered rectangles, low bowls and more are found here in enchanting styles that are either solid bronze and copper planter pots, or utilize similar metal finishes to achieve a metallic effect. Styles range from simple to ornate, but each of the copper and bronze planters are suited to a range of aesthetics. The materials lend well to traditional gardens, rustic Mediterranean inspiration, or even contemporary landscapes where some pieces that look old are mixed in with the new.

Sizing and prices will vary per product. By clicking on individual categories of copper and bronze planters above, our online customers can explore planter measurements, materials used and estimated shipping times in more detail. With different types of indoor and outdoor containers available, use Hooks and Lattice as your one-stop-shop for a comprehensive collection of beautiful copper and bronze planting containers.