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Copper Scroll Window Box

The Copper Scroll Window boxes feature a handcrafted tapered curved copper liner that is a magnificent addition to any garden. Copper is always the best choice when keeping garden decor and plantings in a very natural setting, and copper will eventually patina to a soft greenish gray over time as it is exposed to nature. The copper liner is then put into a powder-coated steel cage with pretty scroll uprights that help finish off the window box. These brackets also make removal of the liner easy for planting and care. The cage is finished in matte black, and the liners come with drainage holes. Window box measures 30"L x 8"W x 7.75"H

This window box comes with mounting brackets to mount to a wall and bolts for mounting to wood/vinyl/hardiboard siding. The bracket is an "L" bracket, which will not be visible once mounted. If you require brackets for mounting to a railing/deck or bolts for mounting to brick/masonry, please contact one of our knowledgeable customer service representatives for assistance: 1-800-896-0978.

30" Copper Scroll Window Box
36" Copper Scroll Window Box
48" Copper Scroll Window Box
There's no question that the Copper Scroll Window Box in real copper is an elegant statement that adds instant cachet to your home - and its curb appeal. Picture how much you, passersby and guests will enjoy simply seeing this unique window box planter and planter cage.

But the Copper Scroll window planter is a very functional choice in metal window boxes, too. Copper is long-lasting, and these window boxes come with pre-drilled drainage holds to prevent plants swooning and even dying if water sits in the bottom of a window box. Real copper is a wonderful, lasting investment in beauty and long life. The scrolled window box planter cage is shaped to accent the flowerlike line of the Copper Scroll Window Box, adding scrolls atop and other lovely details in wrought iron. The wrought iron container box also emphasizes quality; with careful construction of the scrollwork that looks delicate but will indeed wear like iron. Top quality powder coating is meticulously applied to ensure the cage remains as lovely as the flower planter it supports. Last, for practicality, you can choose to remove your copper window boxes for winter if you wish, though it's not needed - they simply lift out of the wrought iron liner. The scroll cage creates a lovely accent empty or full.

You can keep the copper finish bright with an occasional polish if you wish, or let your copper window boxes age to the lovely gray-green patina copper assumes over the years.

Plant your copper window box right in the box, or use 8" pots if you want to be able to adjust the amount of sunlight by moving your pots around. Or if you favor flowers that are seasonal in your region, like pansies in hot climates. Every shade of green is lovely with copper, so foliage plants and hanging vines add lovely character on their own or with blossoms.