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For large wall decor that channels the old American west, check out country art and Western Wall Decor - available online at Hooks & Lattice. Featuring western and country decor themes like cowboy boots, wagon wheels and cactus plants, each piece of large wall decor makes charming Western or Southwest Wall Art for desert, ranch and rural homes.

Whether you're a cowboy - or girl - on the range, or a city slicker with an unsatisfied hankering for all things country, Western Wall Decor brings a rugged ranch charm to any home interior. For themed Southwest Wall Art, choose a hanging cowboy boot and rope or a "Lone Star" symbol. Mix up country art like the Wagon Wheel large metal wall art with other country decor for a floor-to-ceiling feeling of Wild West fun.

Each piece of large wall decor in Western and Southwest Wall Art themes is a quality metal product for interior applications.

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Western Wall Decor and Southwest Wall Art aims to decoratively display well-loved themes of the old American West. Each large wall decor piece found here is built around Western country art in one way or another, whether it's large metal wall art in the shape of cowboy boots and horseshoes, or a more abstract symbol like the ""Lone Star"" often worn by law enforcement of the Old West.

Country Decor can encompass a range of regional influences, from Midwestern dairy farms to a Southern cattle ranch. The county art featured in this category definitely trends more toward Southwest Wall Art and Western Wall Decor themes, depicting objects like horseshoes, wagon wheels, cowboy hats and boots, rifles, and lasso ropes. Large wall decor in Western, Southwestern and country themes are a favorite for lodge, ranch and farm homes, in addition to more suburban residences where homeowners desire a rustic aesthetic. As each piece is grand in size, large metal wall art can make a great statement on otherwise blank partitions, above a mantle, or even near a doorway that leads into a rural yard.

Even if you live nowhere near a farm, field or ranch, country wall art is favored among homeowners of all kinds. From small towns to cities, Southwest Wall Art and Western Wall Decor adds another interesting layer to country decor. Picture large metal wall art mounted above cowhide rugs, or serving as backdrop to a gamesman's Steer Horn Chair. By tapping into rugged themes of livestock, Wild West law enforcement and all the tools of the dusty trail, Western Wall Decor captures a little piece of young America on new frontiers.

For questions on any of the Western Wall Decor seen online at Hooks & Lattice, please call toll free at 1-800-896-0978 (M-F, 7am-5pm PST).