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About Curb Appeal

Curb Appeal literally means how appealing is my home or business from the outside as one is driving by or stopped at the curb. Books have been written about it, TV show created to educate and entertain people with it and realtor's claim they can improve it. But why are so many people interested in Curb Appeal. Well I think I know the answer. Curb Appeal is the window that let's the people on the outside better understand the people on the inside. It's a direct reflection of the person that owns the home or business. Curb Appeal is that which allows the first impression and that is why so many home owners and businesses look for ways to improve curb appeal. Whether a small home or a large business improving curb appeal will help people understand who or what kind of people are inside. Hooks and Lattice has been dedicated to providing curb appeal enhancing products for over a decade and when become an authority on the subject be showing a long track record of happy customers who proud to say that they purchased product that help improve curb appeal from a great company like Hooks and Lattice.

Easy Curb Appeal Solutions

Known as the largest, most premier manufacturer of curb appeal solutions, Hooks and Lattice has exactly what you need to improve your exteriors. Increase curb appeal to boost home value and breathe beauty to your neighborhood with a just few additions.

For easy, instant curb appeal dress windows with planters, exterior shutters and faux balconies. Expand your curb appeal to new heights with hanging baskets filled with real or UV-protected artificial plants. Shop below or call today: 1-800-896-0978

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Elegant Curb Appeal Ideas for the Home

When staging your home for sale on today's market, you can't forget the yard! We have a wide range of solutions guaranteed to generate great Curb Appeal Ideas for the home. From window boxes for front exterior windows to attractive shutters, it's easy to increase curb appeal on any property. For example, it's not uncommon for new construction to have just the basics when it comes to a distinctive appearance. Yet, some cheap landscaping ideas that are guaranteed to provide instant curb appeal include adding a faux balcony or two on second story windows. We carry several styles, from the Simple False Balcony with sleek, modern lines to the more elaborate Bellissimo to the Belvista Balconet faux balconies that possess charm and grace from bygone eras. And this is just one quick and easy way to spruce up your house exterior design.

Main Benefits of Curb Appeal:

  • Increase home and property value quickly -- cheap curb appeal ideas like window boxes, an address plaque» and a decorative mailbox» can add thousands of dollars to home value for just hundreds out of pocket.
  • Sell homes faster
  • Groomed landscapes are crime deterrents
  • Improve your community / neighborhood appearance.

Plant Lover Tips for Curb Appeal

Some of the best curb appeal ideas come from adding colorful flowers and foliage to your home's exterior. For plant lovers, one way to accomplish this is by adding window boxes. With hundreds of styles and sizes to choose from, plus the capability to custom manufacture many of our designs to meet your needs, we are confident you can find just the right window planter to fill with colorful flowers, shrubs, and verdant greenery. We carry durable fiberglass window boxes that mimic real wood products yet won't crack, chip, warp or peel like real wood can. Plus, fiberglass is lightweight so mounting is easy. For individuals on a budget, choose vinyl or resin planters, also lightweight. If you like the look of wrought iron window box cages, whether lined with coconut coir or graced with a stunning metal or 100% copper window box liner, your home's exterior can showcase the appearance of the old South or that of European grandeur.

Exterior Shutters, Planters, and Hanging Baskets for Curb Appeal

Outdoor window shutters can definitely accent your home's exterior design, especially when coordinated with window planters that match. Choose from made-to-order plantation style shutters, board and batten, various raised panel styles, operable or decorative louvered shutters and many more. We carry a variety of standard colors and can custom match most styles to your meet your design needs. In addition to our standard styles of exterior shutters, we offer a unique line of shutters with cutouts with dozens of shapes to choose from. You can even draw your own cutout design or request help from one of our in-house shutter experts. The possibilities are endless!

To complete the curb appeal picture, select from conventional outdoor planters and decorative hanging baskets in numerous styles and designs as well. From traditional wood planters to cutting edge fiberglass technology, Hooks and Lattice is your one-stop-shop for all things curb appeal, allowing your remodeling and renovation projects to go off without a hitch.

No matter what your personal preferences are, boosting curb appeal is easy with a little help from your friends here at Hooks and Lattice. Just give us call to get started today.