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Custom Made Fabricated Indoor Trees

Artificial indoor trees add a touch of green to interior spaces where live trees would be impractical or impossible to grow, such as areas with little or no sunlight or buildings where leaf litter and regular watering would cause maintenance hassles. There are many pre-made faux trees to choose from, but when those options don't fit the bill, custom silk trees may provide a stylish solution.

Innovative designers can find many advantages in custom artificial trees. Artificial indoor trees that are made to your specifications open up a world of new options. Whatever size is required for your application, a custom silk tree can be fabricated accordingly. Imaginative designs that cannot be found in nature can also be created. Choose from endless foliage options, including pine, birch, oak, palm, and even fruit trees. Whatever you can dream, Artificial Plants Unlimited can build.

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Indoor Rated Maple Tree
Price: $1,391.85
Indoor Rated Oak Tree
Price: $1,376.85
Indoor Rated Olive Tree
Price: $1,327.85
Indoor Rated Birch Tree
Price: $1,319.85
Indoor Rated Aspen/Cottonwood Tree
Indoor Rated Banyan Tree
Price: $1,237.85
Indoor Rated Magnolia Tree
Indoor Rated Fig Tree
Price: $1,967.85
Indoor Rated Ficus Tree
Price: $1,168.85
Indoor Rated Willow Tree
Price: $1,349.85
Indoor Rated Ginkgo Tree
Price: $1,199.85
Indoor Rated Fruit Tree
Price: $1,427.85

Custom Made Artificial Indoor Trees

Bringing the look of nature inside adds a calming affect to work environments, hotels, resorts, and many entertainment venues. With a premium on water these days, by incorporating Custom Made Fabricated Indoor Trees into your interior landscape, there is a way to bring the outside in--all this with minimal maintenance and expense while still preserving the look of nature. By using artificial indoor trees in interior courtyards for commercial space in lieu of live, your business saves on water and upkeep. No sun is required for growth either. With so many fake trees for sale to choose from in this category, we are confident one will add to your interior decor by creating a sense of nature.

Artificial Plants and Trees for Decor

Our faux trees dress up any space whether in an atrium or just outside the building entrance under a protected overhang. Custom silk trees are realistic looking and attractive, adding to events such as weddings, anniversary celebrations, sales meetings and much more. Set inside a ballroom or conference center, they provide an attractive decor element that can soften a room and create a natural look where none previously existed. Our artificial plants and trees are made using the highest grade products that mimic realistic bark and leaves, are flame retardant, and last indefinitely, all while requiring no upkeep or maintenance other than occasional spritzing if dust accumulates on leaves or bark.

Custom Indoor Trees: A Wide Variety to Choose From

We have a dozen different sizes and artificial trees to choose from in this category, from a fabricated fig tree to a Maple, Oak, Birch, and Ficus, as well as many others. Most varieties can be ordered within numerous size options, from a large artificial Banyan tree of 20 feet high to a smaller 8 feet Ficus. If your design plans call for larger or smaller sizes, we can manufacture custom indoor trees to your exact specifications. For additional information on our artificial indoor trees collection, just give us a call today and speak with one of our design specialists: 888-320-0626.