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Artificial Living Wall with Embedded Custom Logo

Brand your business everywhere - yes, even in plants! Custom artificial living walls are perfect for designs and company logos. This "Hub" company logo was artfully designed in artificial boxwood hedge material and arranged by hand in the USA. Although shown in an indoor setting, these false green walls are also offered in outdoor artificial. Boxwood hedges are often associated with opulence and perfection, but it's also fun to mix in florals and succulents to make your design pop. Office decorating has never been more easy and fun!

Ivy and boxwood mats are also available for sale separately; Custom living walls available by request.

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48in x 48in Living Wall with Embeded Custom Logo, Outdoor
60in x 60in Living Wall with Embeded Custom Logo, Outdoor
72in x 72in Living Wall with Embeded Custom Logo, Outdoor

Corporate Branding With Custom Living Walls

Elevate your corporate brand with Custom Living Walls from Hooks & Lattice. Your company logo is prominently set against a sea of green, embedded yet raised, to give that textured 3-dimensional look and feel. Corporate Branded Art adds richness and professionalism in equal measure, welcoming guests when hung behind reception desks yet there's more locations in which they can be used. Set strategically in outdoor courtyards, video and real-time conference rooms as well as boardrooms, a Living Walls Logo lets you display your Corporate Branding prominently without overstating it.  What's more, subtle yet sturdy Green Walls that include brand identification are visually appealing and can soften otherwise hard surface areas in today's office setting. Plus, Custom Living Walls can be incorporated with Outdoor Artificial Plants to increase a 'going green' image. 

Lush Office Wall Décor: "Plant" It Anywhere

Besides traditional business settings, Corporate Branded Art can be used by a wide variety of industries and hung in diverse environments. Mount a Custom Living Wall as 'welcome' to a shopping center, city entry, commercial district, and more. Green Walls create a positive and fresh image in numerous surroundings including:

  • Corporate complexes
  • Building lobbies
  • Homeowners associations
  • Trade show displays
  • Government agencies
  • Transportation centers such as airports and train stations

Living Walls Logo: It's All In the Details

Besides the benefit of branding and attractiveness, our Custom Living Walls are built to last. Rugged and strong, Hooks & Lattice Green Walls are made using a strong powder-coated iron grid which is easy to bolt to any surface and easy to remove. We offer custom sizing and logo/shape design. By using two different types of contrast material, artificial foliage choices include:

  • Ivy
  • Azalea (flowerless)
  • Boxwood

Our maximum 144 "pixels" per square feet create a dense, rich look for your Boxwood Logo or whichever foliage material you choose. Upon order placement, our customer service representative will contact your company for specific logo/shape media.

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