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Custom Faux Balconies

Not seeing a Faux balcony that fits your home's unique look? If you have a need for a custom decorative false, fake or faux balcony, Hooks and Lattice can help. Please give us a call at 1-800-896-0978 and we will work with you to create the look you desire. Feel free to email us pictures of styles you like and we're happy to provide quotes complete with shipping charges. We work with both iron and aluminum - all powder coated black for a great finish look and to withstand the elements.

The single faux balcony pictured immediately below is called our Sevilla Faux/False balcony and is available in standard sizes and fixed pricing which can be viewed by going back one page or clicking here. But feel free to scroll this entire page to view other designs our craftsmen are capable of making in any length, height or offset you desire.

Custom Old World & European Faux Balcony Styles

Custom Faux Balcony Gallery

Click on each entry to see a larger image, and also be sure to click 'NEXT' to see all avaiable photos and angles of each custom faux balcony.

Timeless Beauty with the Juliet Balcony

When you think of romantic gestures and classic fairy tales, there's always a sweeping balcony to scale. Their appeal has stood the test of time, and for good reason. Balconies add instant curb appeal to any home, and you don't have to have a sprawling mansion to enjoy their luxurious appeal. With a faux balcony, even more modern or modest homes can accommodate the elegant balcony you've been dreaming of. Simple mount them beneath any window of your home, and watch it become instantly transformed. Hooks and Lattice has a wide range of faux balconies, designed by our expert craftsmen to accommodate any home, any exterior design, and any budget.

Sweeping scrolls, curls, and Victorian inspired detailing are hallmarks of some of our more ornate balconies. But we also have simpler options with clean lines and gentle curves to satisfy those with more contemporary or streamlined tastes. Our design experts are glad to help you figure out which design is best suited for your next home renovation project, and custom sizes are available to ensure you get just the right balcony, in just the right sizes to accommodate your windows.

Choosing Your Material: Wrought Iron vs. Aluminum

We work with both iron and aluminum to ensure your needs are met. Iron offers superior durability and is a more traditional material, creating a sturdy, heavy look that offers a timeless appeal to your design. Aluminum has the added bonus of being lighter in weight, allowing it to mount more easily to some materials, especially when using larger sizes. Both come in a classic black finish that easily blends and enhances most any home's exterior design theme, so it's easy to find something that works for your own personal sense of style. Other colors like white, bronze and silver-tone are also available. If you need something in a particular design and material, just let us know and we'll work with you to find the right combination for your needs.

Each balcony is fashioned with a powder coated finish to complete the construction and protect your investment from decay over time. This allows them to withstand harsh outdoor conditions, even in areas with frequently inclement weather. Rusting and corrosion are long postponed in wet climates, and you'll never contend with fading and peeling, even when balconies are placed in direct sunlight.

Whether you need something small and sleek for that ideal finishing touch, or you desire a curved and ornately detailed item that spans multiple windows and walls, our design experts will help you come up with the ideal balcony for your upcoming project.