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Custom Fiberglass Outdoor Channel Planters

Contemporary Fiberglass Channel Planters offer modern style with unique detailing. These commercial planters, custom made to your specifications, feature the clean lines and simple style of our Modern Fiberglass Planters, but the recessed channel adds visual interest and a distinctive look that's right on trend. When you're looking for a contemporary planter that goes beyond boxy simplicity, a channel planter is the perfect choice. Choose from one channel or two, with whatever depth and height you'd like, and locate the channel anywhere on the planter to create a unique impression. The channel can also be painted a complementary or contrasting color.

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Fiberglass planters are versatile, durable, and attractive. Compared to commonly used materials like wood, concrete, and stone, fiberglass is lightweight. This makes freight and installation a breeze, and addresses the concerns of rooftop placement. It's also strong and can stand up to all climates and weather patterns without molding, cracking, or warping. Choose from many colors and finishes, mimicking the appearance of metal, ceramic, or stone.

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Custom Fiberglass Outdoor Channel Planters

Our Custom Fiberglass Outdoor Channel Planters provide a stunning example of commercial planters at their best. Long and sleek, their clean lines showcase a recessed channel that makes this style a favorite in contemporary planters. This modern design provides ample space with its deep trough for planting grasses, small trees or shrubs. Colorful and vivid floral arrangements are also a favorite. No matter what they are populated with, the neatly tucked channel reveals a subtle yet artistic flair, far beyond the simple shape they encircle. We custom manufacture to suit your design needs, whether square, triangle or rectangle, to whatever size and shape specifications you require. Even the channel can be customized - from a narrower or wider style for maximum impact. We can even manufacture a double channel if you'd like. Additionally, we can inset wooden molding, ArmoreCoat liquid metals, LED lighting, architectural 3form - there are infinite design possibilities with Planters Unlimited.

Fiberglass Planters: The Wonder Material

As a medium, fiberglass is known for its lightweight and enduring properties. First of all, our fiberglass planters won't mildew, rot, warp, or crack during weather extremes, such as the frigid temperatures of winter or the blistering sun of the desert Southwest. In addition, fiberglass is very tough even though it is considered featherweight. This makes the Outdoor Channel Planters ideal for rooftop terraces as easily for outdoor cafe space delineation. Easy to set in place and move about, these custom beauties provide flexible use when space is refurbished.

A Myriad of Customization Options

Fiberglass planters can be painted whatever color your plans call for, easily matching or complementing your design scheme. When considering channel options, we can paint the channel a contrasting color from the planter itself too, creating a chic avant-garde appeal. Add a logo or message on the side of these handsome plant containers as well. If used in hard-to-reach places, we can custom manufacture the exact self-watering reservoir liner for your planter. Reservoirs keep roots watered up to two weeks, depending on plant varieties and weather patterns. Custom finishes are also customizable. Choose from matte, semi-gloss, gloss and sand, or modify as needed. We can even mimic wood, stone, or ceramic. For additional information on customization options, please call 888-320-0626 today to speak with a design specialist.