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Custom Logo Planters Buying Guide

Custom Logo Planters Buying Guide
Plaza Hotel Planters

Form Comes First

To get monogrammed planters going on the right track, project specs are king.

Initial items to think about are:

  • Where garden containers will be displayed
  • Any climate considerations like heat, cold or excessive moisture
  • Target size and planned planting loads

Considering these items will help to determine what type of material is best for the project whether it be a wooden, composite PVC, metal or fiberglass logo planter design. Planters Unlimited works with a range of industry-leading materials and uses innovative techniques to produce one of a kind containers for our clients. Virtually no idea, shape or size is out of reach - all you have to do is ask.

To familiarize yourself with some of our standard planter styles please

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Keep in mind that large indoor planters and commercial outdoor planters online serve as a design baseline. As you click, feel free to imagine the custom touches you might add.

Planter Accessories

A host of accessories for commercial planters are also available to serve both functional and aesthetic goals

  • Decorative hardware or ironwork
  • Various colors and finishes by material
  • Heavy duty rolling casters
  • False bottoms and self-watering reservoirs
  • Custom artificial trees, plants and flower arrangements
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Custom Topiaries

Commercial Grade Iron Grid

Plaza Hotel Logo Planter

W Hotel Custom Planter New York

Now, Add the Custom Logo Design

Once the basic design of a landscape, patio, atrium or office planter is determined, it's time to add the custom artwork. This part of the process is what sets your containers apart and turns plantscapes into a "green" branding opportunity.

A Planters Unlimited product representative will work with you each and every step of the way to review custom logo design and the specifics of personalized planter manufacturing including:

  • Discussion of architectural elements that factor into design
  • Logo/monogram/marketing content placement
  • Desired format of custom logos

Depending on the materials involved, we work through each project on a custom basis to achieve the best result.

Techniques we have used include:

  • Water-jet cutouts
  • Raised emblem applications
  • Custom molded fiberglass logos
  • Groove routed graphics
  • Sandblasted logos and emblems
  • And many, many more

Plus, color, finish and texture on logos is as versatile as the format itself. Want a copper or gold leaf emblem that stands out in contrast to the body of a commercial planter? We can do it. Or perhaps backlighting would help to keep a hotel or restaurant monogram visible to nighttime guests and passersby. We can help with that too.

Virtually no design element is out of reach.

Hotel Del Coronado Planters - San Diego

Ready to boost branding? Let's get started!

Please call toll free to begin your own personalized logo planter design. Our team of experienced project managers offer excellent customer service, unparalleled product knowledge and superior attention to detail.

Call to begin collaborating on a custom planter design today: 1-888-320-0626

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