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Name-Your-Shape PVC Sign Blanks - 26 x 17 x 1

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Cut From: 26"L x 17"H x 1" Thick Blank
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Made to order - not returnable.

Every business needs a sign. Most businesses need a lot of signs. Some businesses bite the bullet and have custom signs made and pay a small fortune, while others make do with handmade signs they create themselves or have someone else such as their kids or employees make. Although these signs get the point across, there is middle ground between emptying the bank account and do-it-yourself: Us. We can provide professional designed yet affordable signage for your business using practically any shape you choose. We create custom pvc sign blanks that are then used to cut your sign. So, say you want a "Stop" sign to control traffic in your parking lot. When you're ordering your sign, just state you want a sign in the shape of a stop sign. We'll then cut the pvc in that shape. Or let's say you want to use the universal sign for "We're #1," so you want a sign that is a hand with the index finger pointing skyward. Provide that information on your order and you're all set. Our rep will call to confirm your order, and before you know it, you'll have the professional signs you want at a cost you'll love.

Cut From: 26"L x 17"H x 1" Thick Blank

How to order:

  1. Select one of our popular predetermined styles from the dropdown menu, or choose custom
  2. If choosing custom, type in the overall shape desired (Star, Company Logo, Heart, Sun...etc)
  3. Add to cart and check out -- A rep will contact you to follow up and nail down the design you want, providing spec drawings to be sure it's exact

Once we receive the order, someone from our customer service team will contact you and go over your custom shape. We will provide a drawing for you to approve, and then it will go into production. The only limit is your imagination (and 1" thick PVC).

Call toll-free with questions or to start your order over the phone: 1-888-919-7446