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Custom Planters & Custom Size Planter Liners

Custom planters add a special touch to residential settings and commercial projects alike. Custom size planter liners are also an important component of many projects. Because we are the manufacturer, planter boxes and liners in custom sizes and styles are our specialty.

If you need one of our existing styles in a custom size, contact us for a quote. You can also rely on us for completely unique planters in a brand new custom look, too. Our custom planter box manufacturing capabilities include

We can also work in copper, wrought iron, and reclaimed and recycled eco-friendly materials.

To get started on a custom planter project, call

Custom Size Planters &  Liners

Custom Composite PVC Planters

Our standard cellular PVC planter designs can be built in any size without the need for mold construction. Decide on the length, width, and height that best fit your needs and we will manufacture your custom planter boxes to order. Solid wall cellular PVC delivers the aesthetics of a hand-made wood planter, including sharp, clean angles and detailed trim board. Yet unlike wood, it will never rot, crack, or warp from weather damage as the material is impervious to water. Cellular PVC is inherently white through and through and is suitable for painting in a rainbow of colors. Finish option include textured sand, smooth matte, semi-gloss, or high gloss.

Ventura Low Square Planter

Custom Fiberglass Planters

Planters Unlimited can manufacture rectangular, square, round, and curved modular fiberglass planters in any size, often without mold and tooling charges. For example, our Modern, Tuscana, and Sienna lines can be constructed in any length, width, and height you desire, and no custom mold is required. Our more decorative and intricate styles may require new molds for unique dimensions. When you describe your custom-made planter needs to us, we will quote the per-planter cost and any applicable tooling fees. Make your large commercial planter even more exceptional by choosing a custom color from the entire rainbow or a faux finish.

Commercial Redwood Planters

Custom Wood Planters

The natural beauty of hand crafted wood is unparalleled. Redwood and cedar are the best choices for planter construction because they are naturally durable and weather resistant. We recommend that you use fiberglass planter liners to extend the life of this material and prevent mildew and rot.

Stainless Steel Planters

Custom Stainless Steel Planters

An increasingly popular material for planters, stainless steel planters can be built to your exacting dimensions. Steel is a shining symbol of strength and compliments commercial settings like trendy restaurants, fashionable hotels, and high tech businesses. It is also a fresh choice for custom planters in high-end modern residential applications. Stainless steel is very rust resistant and suitable for outdoor use.

Planters On Casters Examples

Custom Planters on Casters

Casters can be added to almost any planter that we manufacture. Our unique process hides the casters by recessing the bottom of the custom planter. Locking casters are suggested to keep the planters in the right spot. Pricing depends on the number of casters required based on the size of the planter.

Fiberglass Waterproof Liners

Custom Planter Liners

Many landscape architects and contractors rely on Planters Unlimited to provide custom liners for built-in architectural planters. Liners are also useful for rotating plantings from season to season. Simply lift out the liner, flowers and all, and replace it with another liner that has been in a greenhouse. Our custom liners are made of durable, lightweight fiberglass and it's easy for us to create a small run.