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Logos, Lettering, and Custom Artificial Topiary Plants - Indoor

Custom topiary shapes and logo topiary sculpture are a winning addition to corporate events, corporate branding, or for a little touch of green in retail and office spaces. With Logos, Lettering, and Custom Artificial Topiary Plants - Indoor from Artificial Plants Unlimited, your creativity fuels the design process. Whatever custom topiary shapes you can imagine, we can create as life-like faux indoor topiary plants.

Traditionally, topiary sculpture is found in a range of topiary shapes from abstract forms to replicas of living creatures. With our one-on-one service for Logos, Lettering, and Custom Artificial Topiary Plants, our customers create one of a kind custom topiary plants that go with their small business or corporate logos. Each artificial topiary sculpture can be constructed using boxwood, ivy or wild grasses, depending on your project. Bring your logo shapes alive and begin building a custom topiary with us today!

For Indoor Custom & Logo Shaped Topiaries, please call toll free for an individual consultation and price quote:
7am - 5pm PST, M-F

3'H x 6in.W Custom Logo or Letter Boxwood Topiary Shape, Indoor Rated
4'H x 18in. SQ Custom Logo or Figure Boxwood Topiary Shape, Indoor Rated
6'H x 3' SQ Custom Logo or Figure Boxwood Topiary Shape, Indoor Rated
4'H Preserved Moss Custom Letter or Logo Topiary

Business logo shapes go green with custom topiary sculpture from Artificial Plants Unlimited. Faux topiary trees and plants can take on traditional topiary shapes or become a totally custom topiary logo specific to your business branding. On top of the personal touch, our indoor topiaries' artificial construction is truly life-like but without live topiary sculpture maintenance like watering and rigorous pruning for shape.

Any shape, size, and foliage - you call the shots!

Indoor Logos, Lettering, and Custom Outdoor Artificial Topiary Plants can be ordered to a range of topiary shapes including traditional geometric formations or as logo shapes specified by your design. However faux topiary trees and plants are configured, each indoor topiary we produce is made from quality artificial materials that embody the real thing. For logo shapes, boxwood and ivy make popular indoor topiary foliage due to their tight construction. This makes the outline of topiary shapes clean and distinct. For a freer temperament, faux topiary trees and plants can also be made utilizing artificial wild grasses.

Running out of indoor business decor ideas? Go green!

For business related indoor topiaries, artificial is definitely a desirable alternative to live topiary sculpture. Not only do our services allow a fully custom topiary, but logo shapes fixed in faux topiary trees look fresh and trimmed without ever picking up a pair of garden sheers or a watering can. When looking to dress up logo shapes without simultaneously jacking up expenditures, a custom topiary sculpture is an affordable way to attract attention while satisfying a conscientious budget.

Service for Indoor Custom & Logo Shaped Topiaries at Artificial Plants Unlimited is available over the phone. Discuss your custom topiary sculpture ideas with one of our artificial plant experts to receive an indoor topiary project consultation and price quote. Logo shapes can be made into faux topiary trees or other formations like a custom topiary hedge. A wide range of topiary shapes and sizes can be created, so bring us your custom topiary idea and we will lend our expertise to the design process.

Special Events

A custom topiary sculpture modeled after small business or corporate logo shapes make a lively addition to your next professional event, convention appearance or even to spruce up everyday office and retail spaces. To begin project consultation for custom topiary shapes, our knowledgeable and eager team is here to help!

For artificial indoor topiary trees and plants in custom topiary shapes, please call toll free at 1-888-320-0626, 7am-5pm PST, Monday-Friday.