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Designer Cut-Out Board & Batten Exterior Shutters

Cutout shutters allow homeowners, architects and designers to display cherished insignias and themed shapes around their window frames. Here, exterior board and batten shutters become personalized designer accents that depict a range of engaging forms - from palm tree and sail boat illustrations, to simple silhouettes of diamonds and hearts.

Exterior board and batten shutters with cutout designs are available in one of two outdoor-rated materials: cedar or composite. As a classically loved outdoor material, cedar makes for a lovely pair of cutout shutters that have the timeless charm of natural wood. For customers who seek a maintenance-free wood alternative, the composite option is actually constructed from 90% wood with a combination of other materials to create moisture, rot and bug-resistant shutters.

Standard and custom cutout shutters are available to order via Hooks & Lattice, and most custom size requests can be accommodated. For other options, please visit our comprehensive 'Exterior Shutters' product category.

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Designer Cut-Out Cedar Board & Batten Exterior Shutters
Designer Cut-Out Composite Board & Batten Exterior Shutters
For exterior board and batten shutters that have a unique personality, just like your home, this collection of cutout shutters is fun, whimsical and memorable. Using a range of standard or custom cutouts in various forms and silhouettes, let us help to create an exterior accent that will light up your home's architecture and individual character.

From nautical anchors and sailboats, to celestial moons and stars, cutout shutters display regional and fanciful themes and shapes. Although cutout shutters are pictured above in available standard designs and sizes, Hooks & Lattice can also help to create various custom designs. Exterior board and batten shutters come in a choice of two materials, white cedar or composite, each with a meticulous and beautiful finish.

For homeowners, architects and designers focused on utilizing traditional materials for a residential exterior, white cedar is one of the most beloved natural wood choices for outdoor use. Exterior board and batten shutters constructed from cedar have that timeless charm with long, vertically running wood planks. Additionally, the material is easy to paint or stain to match an existing color palette. For optimal performance, painting or adding a sealant to shutters is recommended prior to mounting. This helps the wood to take on its best possible appearance and will also increase longevity. For recommendations on products to use, a Hooks & Lattice home and garden representative can offer assistance.

Exterior board and batten shutters with cutouts are also available in a composite wood alternative. Made from 90% wood, zinc borate, phenolic resins, and other materials, this option is classified as a composite wood. None of the materials utilized are pre-fabricated, so all cutout shutters are made to order and are resistant to moisture and rotting. In addition, the material is inherently unattractive to potentially damaging insects, namely termites. These qualities, on top of the stellar visual aesthetic of composite wood, make it an attractive option for homeowners and architects that are focused on a low maintenance exterior, or working in climates where temperature and moisture levels are highly variable. Composite cutout shutters come with warranty options against cracking, splitting or rotting.