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Designer Cut-Out Raised Panel Exterior Shutters

Raised panel decorative shutters get an individuality boost in this collection of designer shutters with cut out options. Available in a range of fun and representative designs, cut out shutters can be made to suit a particular regional or residential theme or simply to look fun and different. From nautical figures for a waterfront home, to tropical depictions of pineapples and palm trees, create cut out shutters that suit the personality of your dwelling.

Designer shutters are among one of the easiest methods for achieving an immediate boost of curb appeal without a lot of muss or fuss. Decorative shutters with cutouts come in a choice of quality outdoor materials including natural white cedar and two different composites. Depending on the preferred look and climate in which a home is situated, customers have the freedom to make material decisions that best suit their project.

In addition to the raised panel cut out shutters featured here, Hooks & Lattice also offers various other designs in our 'Exterior Shutters' category of products.

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Designer Cut-Out Cedar Raised Panel Exterior Shutters
Designer Cut-Out Classic Composite Raised Panel Exterior Shutters
Designer Cut-Out Architectural Composite Raised Panel Exterior Shutters
Where designer shutters in a classic raised panel design meet the playfulness of crafty cutouts, you get this collection of decorative shutters with stenciled shapes and motifs. Cut out shutters are a two-in-one residential accent, as they allow you to enhance curb appeal with lovely outdoor shutters while allowing an infusion of your home's - and your family's - personality.

Cut out shutters are particularly popular for homeowners and architects who are working on a house with a marked theme or for a family with a fun personality. Decorative shutters set a home apart by widening windows and warming up a facade that might otherwise look flat and bland. Featured here in the beloved raised panel design, these designer shutters can be constructed from natural white cedar, or a choice of two composites. Each material is outdoor-rated and holds up well for exterior use in a range of climates.

For customers who desire the traditional look and feel of natural wooden shutters, white cedar is a perfect complement to the timelessness of the raised panel design. Cut out shutters made from natural white cedar are constructed in an unstained, unsealed finish so as to give purchasers a blank canvas on which to make their customizations. This material is easily stained or sealed to match any existing color palette. For best performance, Hooks & Lattice does recommend that designer shutters in real wood finishes are sealed and painted before mounting.

In addition to decorative shutters made from natural wood, there are also wood alternatives available in composite materials. Composite products have earned a solid reputation within the home and garden industry as some of the most durable, attractive and long-lasting options available. Cut out shutters made from composites are no different. In fact, many designers, architects and homeowners expressly choose them for their purposeful imitation of wooden shutters without the need for sealing or painting. Composite cut out shutters arrive ready to mount and provide season after season of delightful curb appeal.

In addition to raised panel designer shutters with cut outs, Hooks & Lattice also features various other styles and sizes online via our comprehensive 'Exterior Shutters' product category.