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Fire Retardant Artificial Cylinder Topiaries

If you want a topiary with a more traditional shape, cylinder topiaries are perfect for your business. These artificial topiary plants are made using a powder coated iron frame, then crafted using the highest rated foliage material available. In addition, each boxwood topiary is densely applied to the frame by hand to create a thick, lush look. What's more, the plants are fire retardant and maintenance free, lasting well into the future. Using fire retardant topiaries in your display only makes good sense, and they meet any code requirements. And even though all our artificial topiary plants are lightweight and easy to move around, by adding optional casters, the plants are even easier to transport. Available in three standard sizes, our customization department can make them smaller or larger to suit your specific needs. We can even create letters and numbers to go with your cylinder topiary, allowing you to create messaging outside your business. So call us today to discuss your next project.

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48inH Boxwood Cylinder Pillar Topiary, Fire Retardant
60inH Boxwood Cylinder Pillar Topiary, Fire Retardant
72inH Boxwood Cylinder Pillar Topiary, Fire Retardant

Fire Retardant Topiaries: The Safest Boxwood Topiary Available

By using artificial topiary plants, you can create a distinct advantage for any commercial or civic entity. Placing them front and center as a way to draw attention to either specific messages or just to stand out from competitors, creates a lasting impression for customers and patrons alike. With fire retardant topiaries, you have an even greater advantage. They last season after season due to our specially applied coloring, preserving their rich, vibrant greenery. And, when combined with the fire retardant, they are safer and become near maintenance free, as well as meeting any safety codes required by local municipalities.

But that's not all, their safety and functionality is only surpassed by their beauty. Each structure is built using the highest grade artificial topiary plants, hand applied to create a rich, dense bed of material. All of our boxwood cylinder pillars are a vibrant green, and won't fade or discolor, which is also true for any specialty shapes we make. The powder coated iron skeletons are sturdy and strong yet lightweight, making them easy to move around. Yet, for greater convenience, adding optional casters facilitates even greater portability. Place in PVC containers to enhance stability or use as stand-alone objects to create the desired effect you are looking for.

Manufactured in three standard sizes, our customization department can create any size you require. In fact, we can also create any shape you desire, from letters of the alphabet to post topiary messages in front of your business or as unique shapes or mascots to forward branding. Use fire retardant boxwood cylinder pillars in front of fraternities and sororities, as retail displays, in hospitality or special event settings, or just to create whimsical interest. Some clients may even use as theatrical sets, creating forest scenes or to represent animals.

Finally, artificial boxwood topiary plants save money as well as the environment by eliminating maintenance costs, watering, or pruning that live topiaries require. Plus, they last much, much longer. Call our customization experts today to discuss your next project. Let us help you create the display you are looking for with fire retardant topiaries.