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Decorative Branches, Twigs and Leaves

Liven up exterior décor using outdoor artificial branches and twigs as accents. Owing to construction out of the highest quality synthetic materials, our decorative branches take on lifelike shape, color and texture. Plus all fake twigs and foliage are UV-protected through and through, so you can bet they'll be around for years to come.

Adding decorative branches is a fun way to layer in diverse dimension and tone. For example, display fake twigs in a tall vase to make a contemporary statement with great vertical drama. Or, use outdoor artificial branches of juniper to create classic, feathery backdrops to a floral centerpieces. Artificial Plants Unlimited offers many branch and twig varieties including foliage modeled after maple, olive and ficus trees, in addition to tropical artificial palm fronds. Also great for interior design to spruce up living rooms, offices, commercial reception areas and more.

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3' Outdoor Cycas Palm Branch - Green
44in. Cycas Palm Branch-Light Green
26in. Outdoor Rated Maple Branch
23in. Outdoor Rated Olive Branch
2' Outdoor Rated Ficus Branch
38in. Outdoor Rated Ficus Branch
28in. Outdoor Banyan Branch
28in. Outdoor Banyan Top Branch
39in. Outdoor Rated Bamboo Branch
20in. Juniper Branch - Green
4' Bamboo Stick, Green
5' Mountain Bamboo Stick, Brown
3' Bamboo Twigs (1 dozen) Dark Brown
3' Bamboo Sticks (1 dozen) Green - Brown

Appreciate the beauty of trees in a new way with decorative branches, twigs and leaves. Deconstructed, a tree offers up many naturally ornamental pieces. We've simply captured that potential in faux branch form to provide an easy, carefree accent to outdoor décor.

Fake Twigs, Real Design Potential

From bare bamboo sticks to outdoor artificial branches with full foliage, this selection of products covers a full range of plantscape potential. Some of our favorite ideas include:

Contemporary Faux Branch Arrangements: Assemble a bundle of fake twigs or bare sticks, bundle together at the bottom with a rubber band or zip tie, and place inside of a vase. Fan out as desired to achieve just the right amount of minimal, modern allure.

Simplistic Single Stem Displays: Choose a fuller outdoor artificial branch like a Cycas palm frond or a banyan branch with thick, dark green leaves. From there, choose a glass vase in which the decorative branch chosen can fit completely. Add some colored pebbles or river rocks to hold the stem in place, then spread the foliage, fronds or stems accordingly to give a cool, dimensional look with just one maintenance-free faux plant. Note that you may need to trim your stem with a wire cutter for larger decorative branches. Great for patio table centerpieces.

Go Faux For Maintenance-Free Filler: Tree branches like olive, maple, banyan and ficus make a great addition to outdoor green and floral arrangements. Layer them into patio planters or even window boxes to give arrangements a fuller, more diverse profile.

Strong Enough for Exteriors, Polished Enough for Interiors

The faux branch and twig designs online at Artificial Plants Unlimited come ready for lasting outdoor use:

  • Made of top quality synthetic materials
  • Built-in UV protection to protect against sun damage and excessive fading
  • Resistant to the elements like moisture, heat and cold

Knowing decorative twigs and branches are tough enables decorators to display them confidently, season after season. Looking for the same realistic tree branch look indoors? These faux plant accents also work great for interior design.