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Indoor Artificial Bamboo Per Foot

Get the look and feel of a lush bamboo forest for any office or commercial space by installing Artificial Bamboo Trees. Whether choosing individual Bamboo Sticks or an entire decorative grove, faux bamboo is both beautiful and functional. Known for its exotic yet graceful elegance, artificial bamboo provides privacy between office sections, as room dividers, or to enhance any hospitality space. Plus, the convenience of Bamboo Décor doesn't require the constant care of watering, pruning, or pest control, saving your business both time and money in the process, true for all of our artificial plants for sale as well.

Artificial bamboo tree groves come in many lengths x height chosen up to 24 feet tall. We also offer a variety of individual cane or grove heights and lengths that effectively accommodate both conventional, high, and vaulted ceilings including:

Color choices include yellow, green or black with custom sizing for unique projects also available.

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4'L Bamboo Artificial Indoor Grove- Three Heights Available!
6'L Bamboo Artificial Indoor Grove- Three Heights Available!
8'L Bamboo Artificial Indoor Grove- Three Heights Available!
48in.L Jumbo Bamboo Grove, Indoor
72in.L Jumbo Bamboo Grove, Indoor
96in.L Jumbo Bamboo Grove, Indoor
4'H Bamboo Forest Sold by the Square Foot, Indoor
6'H Bamboo Forest Sold by the Square Foot, Indoor
8'H Bamboo Forest Sold by the Square Foot, Indoor
Indoor Artificial Bamboo, Individual Cane

Indoor Artificial Bamboo Plants & Trees

Our Artificial Bamboo Trees are constructed using a staggered pole design that provides screening functionality by using overlapping leaves. This thick, rich 'forestation' allows in light while blocking views, effectively providing a barrier between work sections. Built to last, each grove is set in a stand-alone metal plate base or can be placed in an attractive planter, letting you create that crisp Eastern ambiance.

Artificial Bamboo Trees: The Perfect Room Divider

Bring the crisp yet professional Asian elegance to your office using Artificial Bamboo Trees to separate work sections and departments in your business. Bamboo Décor lends sophistication and style while providing all the convenience of artificial plants. Faux bamboo eliminates the constant expense of live plants while offering a unique method as work dividers. Even singular Bamboo Sticks provide a sleek contemporary allure to an individual desk or as leisure entryways to your office or hospitality space.

Diverse Bamboo Tree Sizes That Accommodate Any Office

Our Artificial Bamboo Trees come in various grove sizes. With all Bamboo Stick stands manufactured in 12" widths, choose from the a vast variety of length and height options from 8-24 feet tall. Bedeck tall atriums and entrances all the way down to that narrow hallway to the parking garage - you'll get a cohesive look regardelss of ceiling height.

Each grove allows for maximum density through the staggered pole design that effectively allows in light while minimizing visibility. Further, our overlapping leaf design provides additional blocking, making it a beautiful yet effective barrier.

An Elegant Single Stalk

Individual Bamboo Sticks are manufactured in a 1" to 2" diameter size, with a 24" leaf spread width. Sturdy yet delicate looking, our bamboo tree groves range from 5' to 14' to 24 feet tall. Stalk color options come in either yellow, green or black.
Ornamental bamboo plants are the perfect solution for upgrading design elements in any commercial space, from theater entries to restaurants, from offices to airports. Buy either as a single stalk to add distinction to your property or use as room dividers in artificial bamboo tree stand formations.