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Curb Appeal Hardware for Gates

Faux arch straps, also called "dummy straps" are used to add a touch of traditional aesthetic appeal to gates and doors. While they once may have been used to hold old-fashioned doors together, wrought iron gate straps for use on today's modern homes and fences fall more into the category of curb appeal hardware. And for good reason! Nothing adds an extra boost of outstanding curb appeal to your property like wrought iron ornaments on your doors, windows and façade. These simple faux arch straps show that often it truly is the little things that make the biggest difference.

Wrought Iron Decorative Door Accents

These decorative arch straps are designed to work with arched wooden gates and doors, adding an extra eye-catching element. Our decorative hardware is handmade by local artisans using high-quality steel. This strap has a hammered look that gives it timeless appeal, reminiscent of Old World architecture. Each arch strap is finished with a semi-gloss black powder coat that truly makes it stand out against the natural tone of wood. The powder coat also ensures that your arch strap will be protected from the elements without rusting. Our 17" strap is ideal for doors and gates that measure 30-36" wide.

Additional Garage Door and Gate Hinges

Now that you've added a bit of decorative flair to your wooden doors, why stop there? If you are the type of homeowner who isn't satisfied with a job half done, we can help you finish your design project. Among our collection of handmade metal decorative hardware, you can also find a number of garage door and gate hinges that will match perfectly with this faux arch strap. You'll be amazed at how easy it is to give a tired old façade a facelift. Our customer service experts can even help you design the perfect gate and garage door hardware kits to meet your design needs.

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Width 0.2"
Style Arch Strap
Material Wrought Iron
Type Hinges
Color Black
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