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Kona Kai 70x48 Decorative Screen - 80% Moderate Privacy

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70"H x 48"W

Transform Your Patio Into a Tropical Getaway

Are you looking for a jungle, island or rain forest feel without the dampness and humidity? If the reason you really want to look of the lush leaves and ground cover is for privacy, we have an option for you. Our Kona Kai outdoor screens have the look of a tropical rainforest, but you won't have to deal with heavy rains, monster bugs or other challenges. Our wood deck privacy panels are ideal for use anywhere, from decks and porches to patios and yards. If you have a space you'd like to make more private, we can help you accomplish that. And since our panels are made from sustainably-sourced timber (usually the gum tree), you can create your own pseudo rainforest without threatening the real one.

Find Your Perfect Design

Our panels can be built to suit your design ideas.Whether you are using the screens as fencing or as scattered design elements, our agents can help you design the panels that best suit your needs. The sheets are perfect for use in their natural color, or you can choose a color that better matches your décor, either from our catalogue of colors or you can paint them later once they're installed. We will do everything we can to ensure you are satisfied with the end product.

Putting Kona Kai Outdoor Screens to Work for You

These decorative wall panels and screens are versatile so pretty much any idea you can come up with the panels will work. You can use them as an alternative to regular fencing by placing them side by side along the perimeter of your yard. You can also use a couple placed together as a large screen people can use to change into or out of their bathing suits. They also make elegant toppers for existing fencing, as well as attractive backdrops for hanging flower pots and climbing ivy and plants. Shop privacy panels online or call to work with a design specialist to find the perfect fit for your space: 1-800-896-0978

70"H x 48"W
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