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Delphi Urn Cast Stone Planters

Your eye will immediately be captivated by the Greek and Roman lines of these Delphi Urn Planters. From its sleek curves to its spacious bowl interior, it's fashioned with the display of beautiful blooms and greens in mind. Its curvaceous stem makes for a dramatic appearance that beautifully highlights the pottery inspired bowl, making these planters an old world favorite that is equally inspiring in more contemporary locations. Place them upon pedestals flanking entries. Or use them on either side of an altar or stage for a classic appeal. Useful for creating unique container gardens and grand displays, the Dephi is a pedestal favorite of boutique hotels and resorts. There are few things this outdoor planter cannot do.

In addition to these fashionable features, Dephi urn flower planters are designed for versatility and utility. Constructed of cement and reinforced with lightweight fiberglass, they embody the strengths of both. They're lighter and more flexible in nature than solid stone, but our unique outdoor planters do not sacrifice appearance for the sake of convenience. Request filled with artificial flowers for immediate use, or plant flowering bushes.

When using in high traffic areas like restaurants, hotels and entryways in commercial settings, consider adding planter reservoirs to cut costs and keep plants looking their best.

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Delphi Urn Cast Stone Planter 20in.D x 14.5in.H
Delphi Urn Cast Stone Planter 24in.D x 14in.H

Delightful Delphi Urn Cast Stone Planters

Stone Planters can appear in different styles and shapes and the Delphi Urn Cast Stone Planter is one of our most popular shapes available to date. Its lines and angles that are reminiscent of Greek and Roman styling provide the look of antiquities while being forged out of modern materials. Sitting atop a simple pedestal base, the curved stem proceeds to reveal larger curves before reaching a wide mouthed bowl. Fill these lovely urn planters with verdant foliage or faux flowers and vines, whichever you prefer. Set on columns outside hotel entrances, spas and elegant bistros for an exotic look. The Delphi outdoor planter urn will draw attention by its very grace, regardless of what it holds inside the luscious bowl.

Commercial Garden Planters Made With GFRC

GFRC (Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete) garden planters offer the best of both worlds. Flexible enough to be forged into beautiful and sleek lines that create the Delphi Urn, the properties of GFRC are designed to last without cracking, chipping or breaking like their stone counterparts of old have done. The ancient relics they are patterned after, while lasting hundreds of years generally, were subject to crumbling, cracking and breakdown. With cast stone flower planters, this degrading is eliminated. And while remaining more enduring, cast stone planters weigh only a quarter of what stone or concrete weighs. Consequently, it looks like it has all the heft of a stone planter while being lightweight and easy to move around.

Cast Stone Customization Options

The Delphi Urn Cast Stone Planters are available in two standard sizes, the first with a 20 inch wide bowl, the second with a 24 inch wide bowl. Each are supported on a 14 to 14 1/2 inch pedestal. Choose from six different colors as well, ideal for complementing any exterior decor. Yet, we also offer infinite customization options as to size and color. This allows you to match whatever color scheme your design plans call for while enhancing the Delphi's handsome good looks in the process. And if you require larger sizes, we can accommodate that too. To learn more about how to customize the Delphi urn planter for your next commercial project, please call us today to speak with one of our design experts.