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Distressed Laguna Fiberglass Window Boxes

Our Laguna distressed window boxes offer the style you love without all the hassles of wood or other materials. Eliminating rot and warp, these rustic window boxes are made from durable fiberglass which allows them to withstand virtually all weather conditions yet maintain their stylish appearance throughout time. Perfect for colorful flowers, striking vining plants, and even edible herbs and vegetables, these modern wall planters provide beauty for years to come. What's more, your plants stay healthy with the pre-added drainage holes to prevent over watering, as well as the optional self-watering system which delivers fresh water and nutrients directly to the roots for hydrated and healthy plant life.

Whether you're new to gardening or you like to travel and just don't have time for constant watering, the Laguna planter is for you. Choose from this stunning distressed pewter finish or select from three other colors. Numerous sizes and mounting options also available for full customization, including stainless steel brackets with integrated cleat-mounting system or purchase special brackets to mount on deck railings.

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24in. Laguna Fiberglass Window Box - Distressed Pewter
30in. Laguna Fiberglass Window Box - Distressed Pewter
36in. Laguna Fiberglass Window Box - Distressed Pewter
42in. Laguna Fiberglass Window Box - Distressed Pewter
48in. Laguna Fiberglass Window Box - Distressed Pewter
54in. Laguna Fiberglass Window Box - Distressed Pewter
60in. Laguna Fiberglass Window Box - Distressed Pewter
72in. Laguna Fiberglass Window Box - Distressed Pewter

Fiberglass Distressed Window Boxes For Wood Lovers

Nothing speaks the language of wood like fiberglass distress window boxes. Yet the rustic window box look surpasses the endurance of wood, is lightweight and sturdy, providing years of wear in all kinds of harsh climates. What’s more, they provide loads of room for flowers, vines, even small vegetables and herbs. They don’t require liners either. And Unlike wood, these modern window planter boxes won’t rot, warp, fade, or chip which lets them stand the test of time and look as new as the day they were first installed. Fiberglass distressed window boxes are even insect resistant! As far as modern wall planters go, these rustic window box beauties can be used under window casings, installed as wall mountings, or even as add-ons for porch and deck railings to spruce up your porch or yard. The possibilities are nearly endless.

Fast & Easy Installation- Fiberglass Window Boxes that Boast Brilliant Design

Each Laguna distressed window box comes with stainless steel brackets and convenient integrated cleat-mounting system for easy installation. When using on railings, purchase additional hardware for convenient application and placement. Further, each window planter box has pre-drilled drainage holes which wick water away to prevent saturation or prevent overwatering. For homeowners who travel frequently or if you’re a first-time gardener, you can pick up a self-watering optional reservoir system at additional charge to keep flowers and plants hydrated and nourished for up to two weeks while you’re away. Even when home, the reservoir retains water that enables plant roots to stay robust and strong, helping them remain vibrant and healthy throughout the growing season. If you don’t see the size you need, our skilled staff can help. Available in a variety of standard sizes beginning at twenty-four inches ranging up to seventy-two inches and beyond, our customization capabilities are endless. If you need greater or lesser lengths or depths, we are happy to work with you and manufacture the size you require to fit your home or business windows, railings, or walls.