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Nautical Door Knockers

Buy a Nautical Door Knocker online from this collection of bronze, tri-color and brass sea-themed styles. Various designs include nautical door knockers modeled after an anchor, lighthouse or sailboat in addition to live sea dwellers like starfish, Blue Crab, and Maine Lobster. Buy for yourself or give as creative nautical gifts that will have your sea, and land-loving friends swooning.

A bronze or brass nautical door accent lets visitors know they are entering sea friendly territory. A nautical door knocker can work in coastal homes, lakeside cabins or even in landlocked locales where patrons like to keep seaside reminders. For sailors, surfers and divers, door knockers make lovely nautical gifts that can work on a home or office door.

Many styles are pictured as brass nautical door knockers, but may be available in a bronze or tri-color finish. Click on individual products to view any available options.

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Starfish Door Knocker
Price: $112.85
Common Dolphin Door Knocker
Blue Crab Door Knocker
Anchor Nautical Door Knocker
Lighthouse Door Knocker
Catboat At Sunset Door Knocker
Sand Dollar Door Knocker
Maine Lobster Door Knocker
Humpback Whale Tail Door Knocker
Bay Scallop Door Knocker
Sea Scallop Door Knocker
Surf Clam Door Knocker
American Oyster Door Knocker
Quahog Nautical Door Knocker

For nautical gifts or a personal bronze or brass nautical accent, Hooks & Lattice is proud to supply this Nautical Door Knocker selection that is swelling with oceanic inspiration. In browsing the category above, find alluring designs like the sailor themed lighthouse door knocker, anchor door knocker and sailboat door knocker, or pieces modeled after sea-dwelling wildlife like the starfish door knocker, dolphin door knocker, crab door knocker, and much, much more.

While a decorative nautical brass door knocker seems somewhat of a contemporary revelation, the use of door knockers in general has been around for centuries. Each Nautical Door Knocker featured here is inspired by a historically rooted architectural art form, and accordingly each lobster door knocker, whale door knocker and seashell door knocker is a one of a kind piece. Produced by a skilled creator of Artistic Decorative Hardware, each bronze and brass nautical accent is derived from copper-based alloys with slight variation in copper makeup to achieve differing tones.

Whether purchasing nautical gifts or decking out your own seaside home, a nautical brass door knocker provides a thoughtful accent to the very face of your residence - the entryway. For a Cape Cod Craftsman try a clam door knocker, for a white sand beach vibe try out the seashell door knocker, and for a Pacific Northwest marina the whale door knocker embodies the spirit of an ancient migrant territory. The anchor door knocker and sailboat door knocker are a favorite for avid sailors, and the crab door knocker and lobster door knocker are any fisherman's delight.

Certain designs like the starfish door knocker can be ordered in your choice of three colors: bronze, brass or tri-color. Others, like the dolphin door knocker and clam door knocker are sold in one standard color. For more information on particular Nautical Door Knockers, click on individual product icons to see dimensions and any applicable options.

As bronze and brass nautical accents made from copper-based alloys, the percentage of copper makeup ranges from 70 to 85%, depending on the design. Some, like the lighthouse door knocker, are sand casted out of brass and given a nice patina to achieve an appealing weathered look. No matter the design, each Nautical Door Knocker is meticulously built and finished for an impeccable addition to any home.

Order online or call for questions. Your toll free call is warmly encouraged: 1-800-896-0978 (M-F, 7am-5pm PST).