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Spring Door Wreaths from Hooks & Lattice are a radiant collection of herb, succulent, and dried floral wreaths that are available year-round. Adorn your door with Spring Wreaths during any season, and bring warmness and life with door wreaths available in vibrant herbs like Greek and Mexican oregano, favorite flowers like roses and sunflowers, lovely live succulents, and much, much more!

Traditional round and swag door wreaths make a vivacious addition to front doors, kitchen walls, or garden gates. Each of the Spring Door Wreaths in this category is available year-round, with possible variation in materials based on seasonal availability. Our Spring Wreaths feature sunflower, lavender, live succulents, pussy willow, and more springtime favorites. Each comes with a hanger for easy display, and is available for convenient, secure online order.

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Everlasting Love Wreath
Lavender Meadow Wreath
Hydrangea Wreath
Price: $72.85
18in. Pussy Willow Wreath
18in. Deluxe Mixed Herb Wreath w/ Green Wreath Hanger
18in. Fragrant Floral Wreath w/ Green Wreath Hanger
23in Pussy Willow Wreath
24in. Savory Bird Swag w/ Hanger
18in. Oregano and Chili Pepper Kitchen Wreath w/ Green Wreath Hanger
20in. Scented Burgundy Wreath w/ Green Wreath Hanger
18in. Sunflower Country Wreath w/ Green Wreath Hanger
12in. Echeveria Living Succulent Wreath
Myrtle Wreath with Dried Flowers -18 Inch
Winterbud & Preserved Lavender Wreath -18 Inch
Rustic Rose Wreath
Price: $78.85
Rosemary Wreath with Flower
Green Thumb Gardeners Wreath
Get vibrant kitchen and door wreaths during any season with this cheerful collection of Spring Door Wreaths, available year-round and brought to you online by Hooks & Lattice. Featuring succulent, herb and floral wreaths in effervescent arrangements, each of the Spring Wreaths pictured above has a unique personality.

Inspired by the equinox of new life, Spring Door Wreaths draw on rainy-season spawns like pussy willow, sunflower, lavender and wild roses. Besides floral wreaths, a variety of herbs also make an appearance like basil, oregano, marjoram, rosemary and sage. With door wreaths in alluring combinations of herbs, flowers, grasses, succulents and even chili peppers, there is something to brighten any home.

Spring Wreaths are often applied as a radiant accent on doors, garden gates, or along a kitchen wall. Depending on the personality of your home, choose an arrangement that speaks to your style. Floral wreaths are a traditional favorite and our styles do their popularity justice. Choose rose door wreaths to convey an elegant sophistication, or sunflower floral wreaths as an ideal selection for a little bit of rustic, country charm.

In addition to floral wreaths, a range of herb, grass and foliage combinations provide options that bring together various lively, aromatic components into one beautiful arrangement. Get a fun combination of colors with our Oregano and Chili Pepper Kitchen Wreath. With Mexican and Greek oregano, it gives a pop of green, purple and red with enchanting chilies scattered throughout. Other door wreaths feature yellow, burgundy, green and various combination color schemes to suit any preference.

On top of plant, flower and herb varieties, Spring Door Wreaths are also available in two silhouettes: circular or swag-shaped wreaths. Swag door wreaths are an alluring alternative to the traditional round wreath, and also a favorite for kitchens. Mount on a door or along walls for a lovely, nature-inspired accent. Many of our Spring Wreaths are also naturally fragrant, with sweet and savory smells to tantalize the senses. For more details, click on individual door wreaths to read about plants used, fragrance and wreath dimensions. Each wreath comes with a hanger for simple mounting.

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